James Gunn Reveals the Truth Behind The Batman Rumors and It Won’t Make Robert Pattinson’s Fans Happy

James Gunn addresses the rumors about multiple sequels to The Batman being filmed at once, as he starts preparations for his new DC canon.

Robert Pattinson, James Gunn
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  • The rumors of simultaneous filming for two sequels to Robert Pattinson’s The Batman have received an update from James Gunn, disappointing eager fans.
  • Matt Reeves’ The Batman remains separate from the DC Extended Universe and James Gunn’s upcoming DC slate.
  • James Gunn is focusing on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which may introduce Damian Wayne and chart a new course for the franchise.
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In 2016, Zack Snyder launched Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The outing marked DC Studios’ next big take on the character following the immense acclaim received just years earlier with the Christian Bale version helmed by Christopher Nolan. However, unlike its predecessor, the ambitious, dark, gritty, and unhinged DCEU version failed to strike a chord at the box office, with a canonical wipeout coming in with 2023’s The Flash.

Robert Pattinson looking menacingly in and as The Batman by Matt Reeves
Robert Pattinson in and as The Batman by Matt Reeves | DC Studios

On the other side, amid this change of universes, real-life developments involved James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over as the new DC Studios co-chiefs. Meanwhile, away from all such happenings stood Matt Reeves, who kick-started another version of the Caped Crusader with Robert Pattinson at the helm with his The Batman flick hitting the theaters in 2022. Remarkably, the outing did wonders in returning acclaim as well as numbers, prompting fans to demand a sequel, regarding which the new boss has delivered an update.

James Gunn breaks his silence on Robert Pattinson’s Batman sequel rumors

Moving away from an origin story, Matt Reeves settled on a noir-inspired and comic-accurate version of Batman, which saw Robert Pattinson deliver immense justice to the plot. Sensibly, DC Studios did announce a sequel to the flick not long after the movie’s release. Along these lines, impatient fans were greeted with the rumor that not one but two of such films will shoot simultaneously, which James Gunn has now debunked.

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravtiz looking at one another in a still from The Batman
Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz in a still from The Batman | DC Studios

In a screenshot shared by DC Film News on X (formerly Twitter), The Suicide Squad director posted a firm “It is not,” in response to a fan’s query about the twin shoots. While he neither gave an update on the release timeline nor the expected plot for The Batman: Part II, the very fact of the rumors turning out to be false hit fans hard who have now been longing for a sequel for over two years, and who just received pushback news of a possible 2026 release, further aggravating the wait.

Reeves chose a plot that drew inspiration from iconic comic storylines like Batman: Year One and Batman: The Long Halloween, which allowed him to portray a young yet personal version of the character. Moreover, his celebrated decisions, such as the one involving exposed eyes through the mark, allowed Pattinson to communicate raw emotions through them, stealing fans’ hearts, as evident in its reviews.

Matt Reeves’ Batman will not interfere with Gunn’s vision

A chaotic scene featuring Batman and Commisioner Gordon in The Batman
A still featuring Batman and Commissioner Gordon in The Batman | DC Studios

At its time of release, The Batman posed a major head-scratcher for fans regarding its place in the DC Extended Universe and now in the new DC canon. However, it neither exists as a part of the Snyder-verse nor the Gunn-verse. The Robert Pattinson version exists freely in an alternate timeline, rendering it completely separate, giving Matt Reeves complete control over his iteration.


Interestingly, James Gunn, too, settled to not bring over that version into his new continuity that kick-starts with his 2025 Superman movie starring David Corenswet. Rather, the visionary is moving ahead in search of actors to star under his Batman: The Brave and the Bold banner that is speculated to introduce the character’s son, Damian Wayne as Robin, and also mark a new direction for the cinematic interpretation of Batman.

Matt Reeves’s The Batman is available to stream on Hulu and Max and for rent and purchase on Apple TV, Amazon Video, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft Store, and AMC on Demand.


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