James Gunn Shares The Suicide Squad’s True Villain

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Recently, James Gunn hosted a Twitter Watch Party for “The Suicide Squad” and boy, he had something more fascinating movie information for fans. He shared what he thought about the film and the different characters. But the most interesting thing he had to say was about the true villain in the movie.


And it is not Starro!

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Now, as the director of the movie who chose Starro as the villain that the squad had to fight, he had a more nuanced answer to who the true villain is. To understand what he meant, we need to look into the backstory of Starro.


Unites States space mission was the first to discover Starro in outer space. The astronauts took the alien into their spacecraft. After the astronauts poked and prodded the star alien for the sake of the experiment, he took over their minds. The spacecraft returned to Earth and United States space mission wanted to experiment on the alien “for more information on alien life”! They kept it in Corto Maltese, Jutenheim. Thinker experimented on it for more than 30 years.

Hence, James Gunn said that he felt bad for Starro and according to his tweet, Amanda Waller is the true villain of the movie.


Amanda Waller gathered the Suicide Squad team and wanted them to fight Starro. This starts to make more sense because Waller didn’t want to fight an alien that can control minds. Instead, wanted to remove any evidence that indicates the brutal experimentation of the United States space mission.

And that’s not it! We get to know that Waller had given Peacemaker another mission to eliminate those from the team. Rick Flag was on top of that list. Waller was ready to eliminate the whole Suicide Squad team just for Bloodsport.

Starro’s last words before dying were “I was happy floating, staring at the stars.” This gives credibility to James Gunn’s feeling sorry for Starro.


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Written by Aditi Thosar

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