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James Gunn Teases DCU Batman Will Be a Mentor to a Young Superman Like Arrowverse’s Green Arrow Was to The Flash: “Batman MIGHT be a couple years older than Superman”

James Gunn Teases DCU Batman Will Be a Mentor to a Young Superman Like Arrowverse's Green Arrow Was to The Flash: "Batman MIGHT be a couple years older than Superman"

James Gunn is a well-known American filmmaker and is currently leading the DC studios. Gunn has been evidently vocal ever since he was appointed as the co-CEO of DC along with Peter Safran. The arrival of Gunn in the DCU introduced some major changes which fans are still struggling to process. The halt of Wonder Woman 3, the infinite hiatus of Black Adam, and the most shocking announcement which snatched the red cape from Henry Cavill. Cavill’s exit surely disappointed the fans. But Gunn had plans to gain back the trust of fans which involved his aspirational chapter one of the new DCU.

Gunn made some groundbreaking announcements earlier this month, The co-CEO of DC shared his visions of the new DCU by revealing the 10 upcoming DC projects. Gunn’s reshuffling was done to revive the golden age of DC but it appeared like Gunn’s plan was full of flaws and was easily noticed by the fans. The upcoming 10 projects of DC involved five TV series and five films. But Gunn’s new plans didn’t appear to align from the fan’s point of view, especially the story of central DC superheroes Batman and Superman.

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James Gunn
James Gunn

The Age Difference Between Superman And Batman

James Gunn justified his decision of removing Henry Cavill as Superman by adding that the story demands a younger Superman. One of the ten upcoming projects includes a Superman movie titled Superman: Legacy. The studio will introduce a new and younger face for Superman as the story will follow the initial arcs of Superman’s story but will not be the origin story of Superman.

On the other hand, the Batman projects look pretty much in turmoil. The Batman story will introduce the fan-favorite Damian Wayne aka Robin in a film titled The Brave and the Bold. It will include the unseen story of father and son. Fans are happy to hear about the introduction of Robin in the story but the fact concerning the age difference between the two major DC superheroes is also real. A young Superman whereas the relatively old Batman sounds unpleasant to fans. The fans are apprehensive about Gunn’s new storyline. 

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The age gap between Superman and Batman
The age gap between Superman and Batman

James Gunn’s DCU Will Include Batman As The Mentor Of Superman

It didn’t take much time for fans to point out these unfitting story blocks. The internet was filled with concerning questions from fans who were eager to know more about Gunn’s strange storyline. But now it appears like James Gunn has started hinting at his visionary relationship between the new Superman and Batman. Reportedly the relatively old Batman will act as a mentor to the young Superhero just like Green Arrow guided Flash in the Arrowverse. Gunn also clarified his statement about the age difference between the two superheroes as he added that Batman might only be a couple of years older than Superman.

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James Gunn's faulty DC plans
James Gunn’s faulty DC plans

Though it is hard to say if fans are satisfied with Gunn’s clarification. The Internet is still filled with speculations and apprehensions regarding the controversial DCU which manages to shock fans every time with something new and big. 

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