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James Gunn Teases Mongul as Villain in New Young Superman Movie Without Henry Cavill

james gunn mongul superman

Last year, James Gunn broke the hearts of many, many DC Universe fans when he revealed that Henry Cavill’s Superman will no longer be a part of the superhero universe. Instead, he “reassured” the fans that the Kryptonian Superman will still be a part of DCU, just without the face of Henry Cavill. And as we all know, the reassurance wasn’t quite reassuring to the fans.

James Gunn
James Gunn

James Gunn announced that he and Peter Safran have a vision for the upcoming DCU, one which involves a younger Superman. While fans were furious at this piece of news, the announcement of the new chapter sure helped in bringing the fire under control. Now, as theories about the new Superman project keep coming up, one of them includes the possibility of a new villain in Superman: Legacy – Mongul.

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Is James Gunn Bringing Mongul to the DCU?

James Gunn Action Comics #1050
James Gunn posts a photo of Superman from Action Comics #1050

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James Gunn usually posts a lot of images from DC Comics on his social media which makes the wheels in the minds of fans turn at full speed. Is he bringing the character to life? Is he doing it on purpose to grab our attention? The questions are endless. Just recently, Gunn took to Twitter to post an image of Superman from the comics, with no context at all.

As Superman: Legacy is the first project of Gunn and Peter Safran’s vision and is set to release later in 2025, speculations are bound to arise. The photo of Superman posted by Gunn is from Action Comics #1050. now, Action Comics has had many villains to its name, including The Prankster, The Toyman, Metallo, and so on. However, this particular issue of the comic, #1050, has another powerful villain – Mongul.

Is this Gunn’s way of hinting that Mongul might be paying a visit to the DC Studios, possibly in Superman: Legacy? Well, the theory isn’t too far-fetched either as one of Mongul’s two children, Mongal, has already made her DCU debut in Suicide Squad 2, which was also directed by Gunn. Do you think Mongul is a good fit for Superman: Legacy?

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Who is Mongul?

Mongul in DC Comics
Mongul in DC Comics

Mongul was once a ruler of Warworld but after an unprecedented revolution, he was banished from his own planet. The villain has emerged victorious over Superman multiple times and even some other members of the Justice League. There is no doubt to the fact that Mongul is one of the comic book’s most powerful villains. He uses a weapon known as the Black Mercy, which feeds on the psychoactive energy of the victim and locks them away, feasting on their energy.

In the bronze age of the comics, Mongul was considered to have powers way beyond that of Superman. His superpowers include superhuman strength, durability, speed, and decelerated aging and he is also experienced in hand-to-hand combat. Should Gunn decide to pit Superman against Mongul in Superman: Legacy, the superhero will have to really give it his all as from the looks of it, Mongul could be one of Superman’s biggest nightmares.

Superman: Legacy releases in theatres on July 11, 2025.

Source: Twitter | James Gunn

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