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James Gunn To Direct DCU To Make Stories Darker and Grittier Than Any Zack Snyder DC Movie We Have Ever Seen? All Evidence Points To the Same

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James Gunn announced the first chapter of the new DCU in January, titled Gods and Monsters. While the filmmaker has some promising projects under the first chapter of the new DCU, not every DC fan seems too excited about it, especially Snyderverse fans. DCEU, also known as Snyderverse, started with the 2013 film Man of Steel and continued till the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021.

Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)
Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

The American film director wanted to represent a realistic approach toward the superheroes with a dark and grittier tone. And it turned out to be the USP for the franchise. However, with The Suicide Squad director taking over the control of the DCU, fans are afraid that it would lose Zack Snyder’s realistic approach under the guidance of the new co-CEOs.

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Would DCU Become Similar to the MCU?

DC fans were left disappointed with Joss Whedon’s Justice League in 2017. The extended universe that started with the 2013 film Man of Steel went down with the 2017 film, as it failed to impress both fans and critics. However, four years after the release of Justice League, Zack Snyder released his final version of the film, which turned out to be much better than the 2017 film.

Zack Snyder directing Justice League
Zack Snyder directing Justice League

Fans were also excited about the future of the Snyderverse and were looking forward to seeing more under DCEU. However, the hope was dashed away after James Gunn took over the DCU with Peter Safran as co-CEOs of DC Studios. And with another Marvel director taking over the DCU, fans are afraid that it would also start following the same approach for its character as the MCU.

However, James Gunn, who is more interested in working with less popular characters, does not plan on doing something similar to what Joss Whedon did to Justice League. The director has stated that his DCU would include both PG-13 and R-rated projects.

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James Gunn Would Continue the Dark Tone of DCU

Considering both Gunn and Safran’s records, it would be hard to assume that they would not opt for the darker approach toward superheroes. The Super director has already worked on two DC projects, and both of them have an R-rating due to the mature concept and their dark and gritty storytelling.

Idris Elba along with James Gunn on the sets of The Suicide Squad.
James Gunn on the set of The Suicide Squad

He has also worked on the 2019 horror thriller, Brighburn, which represents a dark take on the classic Superman story. As for Safran, he is also known to be interested in dark horror themes. He collaborated with James Gunn in his initial DC projects, The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. So, Snyderverse fans could expect the co-CEOs to follow up Zack Snyder’s dark and gritty tone in the new DCU as well.

The Guardians of the Galaxy director has also said that DCU will take the best approach for the story and character accordingly. He also said that the new DCU will include projects that will be PG-13 and also a “little bit more mature.” The American filmmaker does seem to follow up the dark tone established by Zack Snyder in Snyderverse.

Superman Legacy DC Comics
Superman Legacy DC Comics

James Gunn’s first film under the new DCU is expected to be his Superman reboot, Superman: Legacy. It would be followed by a Batman project, Supergirl, Swamp Thing reboot, a Wonder Woman prequel, an animated series, a Peacemaker spin-off following Amanda Waller, and a Green Lantern series.

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Source: Collider

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