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James Gunn Wanted Chris Pratt to Star in Caveman Spinoff of $8.2B Jurassic World Franchise

James Gunn Wanted Chris Pratt to Star in Caveman Spinoff of $8.2B Jurassic World Franchise

In a recent interview, while talking about the success of Jurassic World, Chris Pratt mentioned how his friend and director, James Gunn once offered a caveman spinoff movie idea to him. Fans know, Pratt and Gunn have been amazing friends ever since their first Guardians of the Galaxy collaboration, back in 2014. As such, it comes as zero surprise that Gunn would start brainstorming new ideas with his friend, especially with Pratt’s amazing performance in Jurassic World, leading to the movie’s success.

Chris Pratt as Peter Quill with other guardians in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3
Chris Pratt as Peter Quill with other guardians in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

Although it is hard to say if fans would ever be able to witness the completion of Gunn’s yet half-formed caveman spinoff idea in the Jurassic World franchise, it sure will be interesting to see. Especially with rumors of Chris Pratt leaving Marvel and moving to DC with Gunn gathering wind every day. 

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Chris Pratt teases James Gunn’s new ideas for the Jurassic World franchise

In an interview with Collider during a press tour to promote Pratt’s Super Mario Bros. Movie, Chris Pratt teased that the Jurassic World franchise has more to offer fans. Although it supposedly wrapped up its arc last year, with a massive success of $1 billion global box office collection with Jurassic World Dominion, Chris Pratt mentions how there might be more interesting things to see pretty soon. He replied on a pretty intriguing yet amusing note,

“One time James Gunn gave me a pitch; he was like, ‘What about cavemen?’”

Chris Pratt in the Jurassic World
Chris Pratt in the Jurassic World

He further added hilariously recalling Gunn’s words, “isn’t there a caveman version of the Jurassic thing where a caveman — like the remake of ‘Iceman’ or something like that? Where maybe the DNA they extract is — I don’t know!” Well, half-formed as it may be, it seems it is enough to send fans rolling with new theories popping out everywhere.

Chris Pratt and James Gunn
Chris Pratt and James Gunn

About his personal preferences though, he mentioned, “I would say just given the advent of what we can now do underwater, I’m curious to see more about the Mosasaur.” The Passengers star further explained that he thinks dinosaurs are wonderful creatures, “but I’d be curious a little bit more about the life of that fabulous creature.” It would be interesting to see what if any of these ideas find their way to the big screen.

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Chris Pratt and James Gunn to collaborate again soon?

With Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 all set to release this year, people are wondering if this is the last time they will see the star-lord, Peter Quill in action. Gunn’s comment,

“I cannot tell you how close I am to Chris Pratt and Pom [Klementieff] and Dave [Bautista] and Zoe [Saldaña] and Karen [Gillan]. But I also know I will work again with all those people individually again. Probably at my other job.”

Chris Pratt recently responded to the same, saying, “if he calls me, I am answering,” and that he will let fans choose for him when it comes to his portrayal of any DC character, seemingly confirming that.

James Gunn and Chris Pratt’s friendship has always been one for the books. The Jurassic World star was foremost at the line of petitioning to bring James Gunn back after the latter was fired for resurfaced old derogatory tweets, and James Gunn returned the favor by defending him as rumors about his religious beliefs and associations started to spread by saying,

“I know the church he currently goes to. Do you? (The answer is you don’t, but you heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from someone where he goes to church, so decided, ‘yeah, okay, I’ll believe this terrible thing I heard online about this celebrity!’)”

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So the yet-to-be-confirmed rumors about Chris Pratt joining the Justice League are not exactly a shock to fans. As Gunn already mentioned that the premise of the story is about to change, along with the guardians as people know them, fans are eagerly waiting to see what the movie has in store for them and whether this really is the end of Peter Quill.

Super Mario Bros. Movie is going to be out at the theaters on April 5th, while Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 will release on May 5th, 2023

Source: Collider

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