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James Gunn Working on Secret ‘New Frontier’ Justice League Film after Henry Cavill, Snyderverse Get Axed – Insider Theory Claims

James Gunn Working on Secret 'New Frontier' Justice League Film after Henry Cavill, Snyderverse Get Axed - Insider Theory Claims

The speculation mill has started turning again, this time about a possible new Justice League film based on the classic New Frontier arc. Reliable sources claim that James Gunn, director of the forthcoming Suicide Squad sequel, is currently at work on a hidden project that may be a New Frontier Justice League film featuring Green Lantern.

DC fans are looking for a new path for their beloved superhero series after the recent news of Henry Cavill’s departure from the role of Superman and the apparent end of the Snyderverse.

The New Frontiers Back In Flesh?

James Gunn
James Gunn

James Gunn, who has directed all three Guardians of the Galaxy movies for Marvel and will direct the upcoming Superman: Legacy for DC, is no stranger to superheroes. His selection as the director of a Justice League film, particularly one based on such well-liked source material, is no surprise.

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The New Frontier is a famous DC Comics tale from the 1950s, written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke. In a post-war universe, the Justice League must deal with a new danger: the enormous island known as the Center. In its quest to wipe out all species on Earth, the Center must be stopped by the Justice League.

Justice League The New Frontier
Justice League The New Frontier

In conversation with John Rocha on his podcast, film critic Jeff Sneider revealed that his source “did have a theory” about the secret Justice League movie, saying the project could be “based on the New Frontier.”

“My source did have a theory. It is not something they didn’t necessarily hear, but I believe they think that; remember when James Gunn met with the press, he mentioned a secret project; OK, no one knows what this project is. My source’s theory is that the secret project is the Justice League project based on the new frontier in which they face off against the giant island known as The Center, a primordial entity trying to end our life on earth.”

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As written in the comics, the Centre, also known as Dinosaur Island, has witnessed the evolution of life on Earth over billions of years. When an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs and most other prehistoric life, the Centre swiftly relocated the survivors to the Pacific Ocean, where it established a self-sustaining island to house the wildlife it had rescued.

Andy Muschietti as the Director

Andy Muschietti
Andy Muschietti

That’s not all, though. Jeff Sneider’s source also believes that Andy Muschietti, who is in charge of The Flash movie, will be behind the camera for Justice League.

“The source thinks that James Gunn intends to introduce this concept in Lantern, and they think Andy Muschietti could end up directing it. All of this is a theory, but it was compelling nonetheless.”

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The upcoming Flashpoint storyline, in which numerous timelines and dimensions will play a role in the DC movie universe, could have some bearing on this. Fans have been left wondering about the future of the DC movie world since the cancellation of Henry Cavill’s Superman and the Snyderverse.

Some are sad that the Snyderverse is over, but others can’t wait to see where the DC movies go. It’s possible that a Justice League film set in the fresh Frontier arc would breathe fresh life into the series.

Until then, fans can re-watch The Justice League: New Frontier movie. It’s a faithful adaptation of one of the most beloved story arcs in DC Comics’ history, and it manages to capture the spirit of the era in which it’s set while remaining relevant.

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