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James Gunn’s DCU Under Fire after Blue Beetle Director’s Old ‘Puerto Rico is a slave colony of the USA’ Tweet Goes Viral: “Your country sh*ts on us”

James Gunn's DCU Under Fire after Blue Beetle Director's Old 'Puerto Rico is a slave colony of the USA' Tweet Goes Viral: "Your country sh*ts on us"

DC is off to a poor start in 2023. Shazam: Fury of the Gods completely flopping at the box office right out of the gate set a poor precedent for things to come. However, there’s still hope from The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman 2. Both Flash and Aquaman are popular IPs, but Blue Beetle isn’t. 

The character is new to general audiences, but the first trailer of the movie was received positively on social media. However, if the director, Ángel Manuel Soto’s tweets about Puerto Rico go viral, it might cause trouble for the film as well as James Gunn’s DCU since it was recently confirmed that the film will be a part of the new DC universe. 

Blue Beetle Director Tweets About Donald Trump And Puerto Rico

Angel Manuel Soto
Angel Manuel Soto

Blue Beetle’s first trailer has been getting positive attention on Twitter after its first trailer release. The movie even trended at number 1 on US Twitter for a while. As such, with positive word-of-mouth, the movie can bring back DC’s glory. However, a couple of recently deleted tweets of director Ángel Manuel Soto can prove to be a barrier to that. 

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Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

Soto tweeted in 2018 that he hoped that former president Donald Trump met the same fate as Abraham Lincoln. He said, “The only thing I hope Trump has similar to Lincoln’s presidency is the way it ended.” He also said that Puerto Rico is the USA’s slave colony. He tweeted, “Puerto Rico is a slave colony of the USA. Your passport was imposed on us, so there is nowhere else to go after your country s*its on my land and blames us for the stink. F*** you.”

Here’s a screenshot of the deleted tweet: 

Deleted tweet of Angel Manuel Soto. Pic credit: official Twitter account of Angel Manuel Soto
Deleted tweet of Angel Manuel Soto. Pic credit: official Twitter account of Angel Manuel Soto

It appears that these tweets were deleted after a Twitter user shared them and they gained a bit of traction on social media. This isn’t the only thing that Blue Beetle has come under criticism for. There’s a line in the trailer where a character, George Lopez, calls Batman fascist, and it has riled up plenty of fans of the vigilante. However, it doesn’t seem like these criticisms will affect the movie much. 

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Why Blue Beetle Is Probably A Safe Bet For DC

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

Director Ángel Manuel Soto’s deleted tweet about Donald Trump as well as the “Batman is a fascist” line from the trailer of Blue Beetle can be seen as problematic things. These may create unnecessary controversies and hurdles for the movie. However, that probably won’t happen.

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After all, not only are the tweets old but they have now been deleted as well. Also, these didn’t gain much traction on Twitter or other social media platforms. As for the Batman line, film insider KC Walsh clarified that the line was said by George Lopez, a character who is a conspiracy theorist. The scooper said, “The character that says this line in the movie is a paranoid conspiracy theorist who isn’t fond of superheroes.”

Here’s the tweet:

The line was probably added at the end to generate controversy, as that would put more eyeballs on the trailer and generate conversation around the film. It’s also quite similar to the “F**k Batman” line used in the trailer of the Titans TV show. It outraged DC fans, and as a result, many tuned in to watch the show. So something similar could be the target of Blue Beetle’s marketing team. It now remains to be seen if these viral marketing tactics work for Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle will be released on 18 August 2023. 

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