James Gunn’s Handling of “Mature Themes” in Past Films Sparks Hope For DC Despite Murky Future

James Gunn knows how to properly tackle mature themes in his works.

James Gunn’s Handling of “Mature Themes” in Past Films Sparks Hope For DC Despite Murky Future


  • A fan commended James Gunn's ability to incorporate mature themes in his comic book films.
  • The director discussed how he approached The Suicide Squad as compared to Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Gunn has the chance to create his own brand of movie adaptations using his signature style of filmmaking.
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Now is the time for James Gunn to create his own legacy after finally ushering in a new era of heroes and villains under DC Studios. His previous works are already testaments that he has the capability to make a brand for his own cinematic universe.

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James Gunn

While other franchises love goofy characters and witty one-liners, Gunn seems to lean more on mature, dark themes. His versions of superheroes are a bit bloodier but with a firm purpose; they are relatable, yet they exude a sense of mysticism.

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James Gunn Explains How He Approaches Mature Themes In Movies

In a Twitter/X post, a fan remarked how good James Gunn is at handling mature topics in his works. The user also pointed out that such themes are somehow no longer present in most comic book adaptations:

James Gunn is legitimately underrated in his ability to write mature and relevant themes into CBM, like sure sometimes he overdoes the comedy but his movies have so much heart and meaning every time it’s so incredible, it’s something most CBMs lack now.”

Speaking about Peacemaker, the fan talked about how well-researched the show is and how every character fits perfectly into the story. The tweet continued:

Just f—king hammer homes the anti-patriotism and anti-imperialism themes so present in this movie, it’s genuinely so thought out and such a real and dark theme for a CBM but makes total sense for The Suicide Squad.”


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In his interview with Screen Rant, Gunn explained how he approached The Suicide Squad as compared to what he did with Guardians of the Galaxy. He said:

With Suicide Squad, I’m speaking to an older audience. Instantly, the language you’re speaking is different. It’s almost like, when you’re talking to a great group of kids and old people, you don’t say, ‘F—k.’ But when I come to you, and you and I are hanging out, I’m not gonna notice that I’m saying it. The Suicide Squad is that – we don’t hold back in that way. It’s two adults talking to each other, so that is very different.”

Indeed, there are also mature themes in the third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The director previously confirmed this, saying the movie has grown up with the audiences so it also needed to tackle adult issues.

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James Gunn Can Make His Own Brand Of Comic Book Movies

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

James Gunn’s signature style of filmmaking can become his advantage in building his own brand of DC superheroes. Now that he spearheads an entire empire of comic book films, all he needs right now is a team of skillful writers and directors who share the same vision.

While many fans doubt the future of DC Studios, Gunn can use this as a motivation to prove that he can build an entirely new version of superheroes that fans have never seen before. For many, it only takes a certain level of originality and creativity to successfully bring a story to life.

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