James Gunn’s Haters Are Getting Out of Hands as Even David Corenswet’s Alleged Superman Farm House From the Movie is Not Safe From Harsh Criticism

Superman reveal leaves Snyder fans in splits, James Gunn's supporters come to his defense.

David Corenswet Superman James Gunn
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  • A picture of what appears to be the Kent Farmhouse from Superman has been making the rounds online.
  • Fans of Snyder's work with the character are convinced that this is yet another sign of how Gunn's DCU is going to fail.
  • While other fans have come to his defense, the DCU must make that the DCEU does not haunt it's reboot into extinction thanks to skewered fan expectations.
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Superman is set to be the first major installment of James Gunn’s new and improved DCU. However, it seems that the shadow of the DCEU is never going to stop haunting WB, as Snyder’s version of the DC Mythos still seems to be the benchmark for a whole section of the fandom that the new DCU is going to be measured against.

David Corenswet as Superman in Superman: Legacy | IGN on X
David Corenswet as Superman in Superman: Legacy | IGN on X

Despite all the efforts being taken to create a new cohesive universe that could bring fans a brilliantly shared continuity across multiple films, there seems to be a lot of criticisms that are being levied at the film without even a proper trailer or even a teaser. The DCU seems to be unable to escape the shadow of the DCEU, as a slew of fans have found yet another aspect of James Gunn’s version of Superman to critique.

The Kent farm is under scrutiny from certain fans

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel | DC Studios
Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel | DC Studios

A leaked image of what appears to be the Kent farm in Kansas has drawn the ire of fans, who are sure, based on the picture, that the film is not going to top what Zack Snyder did with Superman.



However, there seems to be a huge part of the fandom that is also ready to defend Gunn and his choices. The positive attitude of the fans far outweighs the criticisms, but it does not bode well for the film that comparisons to Zack Snyder’s vision of the character still seem to be the MO for every reveal that the production of Superman has to offer.


However, despite the fans that have come to James Gunn‘s defense, there is a concerning pattern that seems to be developing around the DCU, which, if not curtailed, might cause the new DCU to fail just as hard as the old DCEU.


WB needs to make it clear that there is no way the Snyder-Verse is returning

ZSJL – a vision of the Knightmare timeline
Zack Snyderʼs Justice League [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
Zack Snyder‘s version of the DC Universe was widely celebrated by fans but was critically panned thanks to studio meddling. There is a section of the fandom that still believes Zack Snyder’s work with DC should have been the one that WB should have invested in rather, than scrapping the whole thing and starting anew with the DCU.

Given that most of the things that have come out of the DCU so far have agitated this part of the fandom, that still believes there is some hope for the Snyder-verse and that a revival is just around the corner. However, WB could not have made it clearer that that version of the DC Universe is something the company has moved on from.

As long as there are fans who believe the DCEU is going to make a comeback, there is always the danger of this expectation overshadowing what the new DCU has to offer, which might just leave the franchise dead in the water if not handled correctly.


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