James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy Makes Final Move to End Henry Cavill’s $50M Superman Career

Legacy Makes Final Move to End Henry Cavill's $50M Superman Career
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It’s about time we see a new Superman embrace the silver screens. James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, has offered an update on who will take the baton forward as the Man of Steel. While there were questions about Henry Cavill’s future as the iconic superhero, James Gunn finally confirmed that he is definitely leaving the role. The popular opinion that Cavill would hang his cape became a reality when Gunn took control of the DCU in late 2022.

As James Gunn Looks for Henry Cavill's Replacement, DC Superman Series Changes Iconic Costume to Just Red and White
James Gunn and Henry Cavill

Following this, James Gunn announced plans for a new DCU project, titled Superman: Legacy. The new film will be among the first projects under his leadership. Gunn will also be writing the script and directing the upcoming movie.

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Who Will Replace Henry Cavill As Superman?

Despite the fact that we won’t see the last son of Krypton taking over the cinema halls in the next two years, rumors are already rife about the casting. There has been a lot of speculation on who could potentially replace Henry Cavill for the iconic role.

James Gunn has also shared a casting update for Superman: Legacy. During a fan interaction, Gunn confirmed that the production had hired a casting director for the film with a brief “yes” response.

As per a report by Heroic Hollywood, the casting director hired for Superman: Legacy is the award-winning casting veteran John Papsidera. He previously worked with James Gunn in 2021 on casting The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker in 2022.


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James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy Reportedly Will Make Man of Steel Fight DC’s Most Ruthless Versions of Batman and Superman
Superman: Legacy

Is Superman: Legacy Film Casting Already Complete?

James Gunn has been giving fans subtle hints about the development of the upcoming film. Recently, he responded to a tweet from Grace Randolph, where she shared a rumor that casting for the film was “Very close” to completion.

“I hear they are VERY close to a #Superman casting – might not be announced for awhile but it could leak Very very close… Role MIGHT even be cast or in final talks”

A fan asked Gunn if there was any truth to the rumor. The Suicide Squad director replied that he is yet to discuss Superman’s role with potential actors.


“Not true. Haven’t had a single talk with a single actor about the role. Just making private lists, prepping material for auditions.”

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Superman: Legacy
Superman: Legacy

Superman: Legacy Casting In Early Stages

Now that Gunn has confirmed John Papsidera’s hiring as the casting director for the upcoming film, fans know what to expect. Going by his past record, fans will have a better idea anticipating the successor of Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel in the DCU.

After months of rumors and speculations about the next Superman, the news coming from the DC hierarchy has piqued fans’ interest. Papsidera’s hiring has also created great anticipation for the franchise’s future among the fans.

Superman, as portrayed in DC comics

Superman: Legacy will be an important film in setting up the new DC universe. Therefore, James Gunn’s casting decisions for the film will be paramount to ensure its success.

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