‘I’d love to work with him’: Stranger Things Star Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals Vecna’s Next Target in Final Season

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In an interview, Jamie Campbell Bower pointed out his views about working with Noah Schnapp, known as Will in Stranger Things. We have seen in season 4 that Vecna was defeated but we know for a fact that he is going to return back in season 5. The last episode of season 4 showed us that Vecna was super hurt by our famous trio, Nancy, Steve, and Robin, but when they go back to confirm his death, they see that Vecna has vanished into thin air.


Will, who was lost in the woods of the Upside Down world, and then controlled by the Mind Flayer in season 2 confirms that Vecna will return, and that raises concerns for the citizens of Hawkins.

Jamie as 001
Jamie Campbell Bower as 001

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Will we see Vecna and Will together in season 5?

Stranger Things
Will Byers from Season 1

On asking Jamie Campbell Bower whether he would have anything to do with Noah Schnapp, that is Will, he says that everybody knows that Vecna and Will have a history together, and he would be delighted to get to work with Will, in the next season.

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Is the news confirmed yet?

Jonathan Byers
Jonathan Byers

No, it is not confirmed whether Vecna, played by Jamie Campbell Bowers, and Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, will share a scene together or not, but the actor said that he would like to interact with Will’s brother, Jonathan, played by Charlie Heaton.


The Stranger Things creators, Matt and Ross Duffer have certainly raised the expectations bar high with the full-packed action going on in season 4. Volume two of season four showed us the death of two characters, namely Dr. Brenner and our beloved Eddie, which left the fans heartbroken. This season also left Max in a coma and had the town of Hawkins break and fall down into pieces.

When the actor was asked about the plan of Vecna in season 5 with his enemy El, he said his lips are sealed for now, but he’s sure The Duffer Brothers will give us some really satisfying ending.

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