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Jamie Foxx, Who Had an Affair With Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wife Katie Holmes, Nearly Killed Him in Freak Accident While Filming $221M Thriller

Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx’s friendship has seen a lot of ups and downs, with the biggest blow hitting when Foxx and Cruise’s ex-wife started dating back in 2013. Tom Cruise first met his ‘friend’  on the set of Michael Mann’s 2004 crime thriller Collateral. The film encompassed several high-risk stunts, and reportedly one of them proved nearly fatal to Tom Cruise.

And turns out it was somewhat Jamie Foxx’s fault. Although it was way before their “rivalry” began, people speculate the two actors never saw eye to eye behind the lens, and their so-called “friendship” was all for show.

Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx
Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx

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Tom Cruise almost got killed by Jamie Foxx

Over the years, Tom Cruise has performed many of his own stunts, showcasing his fearlessness and determination to deliver a sincere performance. However, during the filming of the 2004 thriller Collateral, Cruise encountered a near-fatal accident that left the industry and fans in shock. Speaking to World Entertainment News Network his co-star in the movie, Jamie Foxx revealed some shocking revelations. He said,

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“I hit the gas, the cab goes straight head on into [Cruise’s] Mercedes and the Mercedes lifts off the ground and goes off the set,”

Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx in Collateral

The star then claimed that the crew was worried about Cruise more than Foxx. In the moment of sheer chaos, the actor thought that his unpreparedness got his mega star co-actor killed. He continued,

“I was down on the ground. They were so worried that I had killed my man,–Can you imagine all that money bouncing around in the back seat?”

Tom Cruise himself also admitted the scary moment when his life flashed before his eyes. And said, “I was hitting the roof.” 

But turns out that although it was scary, it wasn’t the first time his life flashed before his eye while performing a stunt. Tom Cruise’s commitment to his craft remained unwavering, and despite his injuries, he still returns to the thrill and adventures performing one’s own stunt brings to an actor’s life.


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Did Jamie Foxx steal Katie Holmes from Tom Cruise?

Although the line between the two relationships is blurry, people speculate the actress was cheating on Cruise with Foxx. After Cruise and Holmes’ divorce in 2012, the Dawson’s Creek actress secretly started dating her ex-husband’s good pal Jamie Foxx. On source close to Cruise revealed,

“Tom is shocked and upset that Katie is dating a costar he once considered a close friend. He feels betrayed by both of them.”

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

In June of 2012, Holmes made a very public decision of ending her relationship with Cruise as well as the Church of Scientology. She abruptly served him with divorce papers while he was in Iceland filming a movie. After that Holmes and their daughter completely stayed away from the limelight for several months. However, in 2013, Holmes gradually began participating in more social gatherings. It was allegedly then that she crossed paths with Jamie Foxx, and their connection began.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

However, after dating for six years, the couple called it quits and a new speculation was in circulation. Allegedly, after the split with Holmes, Foxx was now trying to make amends with his long-lost friend and co-star Tom Cruise.

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