Jane Fonda Saw Michael Jackson N*ked in a “Beautiful, Moonlit Night”, Said He’s Too Skinny and Knew Will “Die Young”

Jane Fonda Saw Michael Jackson N*ked in a "Beautiful, Moonlit Night", Said He's Too Skinny and Knew Will "Die Young"

The friendship between Hollywood veteran Jane Fonda and the late pop star Michael Jackson is nothing new. However, what is new is the interesting tidbit of information she revealed during an interview with Andy Cohen on Monday.

Jane Fonda in Book Club 2
Jane Fonda in Book Club 2

According to her, the two friends were so close back in the ’80s, they not only used to live together but Michael Jackson also used to come and visit her on set. Interestingly, an event during such a visit on the set of one of her movies, made her realize just how beautiful the late pop star was despite being way too skinny.

However, things sort of took a downward turn when he announced that he knew he would die young.

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Jane Fonda saw Michael Jackson n*ked

On the latest episode of Watch What Happens Live, this Monday with her co-stars Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda played a game of “Plead the Fifth,” on camera. And during that, she revealed quite cheekily that she once saw Michael Jackson n*ked. Obviously, a statement of this magnitude is bound to attract intrigue. And so she explained, true to her charming yet honest nature,

“He came and visited me when we were shooting ‘On Golden Pond,’ and I had a little cottage right on the lake, and it was a beautiful, moonlit night.”

Jane Fonda in On Golden Pond
Jane Fonda in On Golden Pond

Intrigued, Andy Cohen couldn’t help but prompt her with, “And you said, ‘Let’s skinny-dip?'” To which, the Book Club actress quickly replied, “No, he did!”

Although the host exclaimed that he would refrain from asking more to be respectful towards the ‘King of Pop’, Fonda had no qualms about recalling the company she had of her friend on that night.

Jane Fonda with Michael Jackson
Jane Fonda with Michael Jackson

She noted that “He was skinny,” and that he, in fact, suggested their little adventure because “He knew he was going to die young,” and that she would then go on to “Talk about him being n*ked,” publicly.

It is evident that the jokes between the two friends even from decades ago are still very much alive in Jane Fonda’s memories, and still bring her comfort the same.

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Jane Fonda dished more on her past escapades

Famous for her straight-laced honesty, Jane Fonda also remembered to note how her then-co-star in the movie Katherine Hepburn was uncomfortable with having Michael Jackson visit them on set. Fonda noted,

When I first asked [Hepburn] permission she was not happy. Then the crew said, ‘You don’t understand. It’s Michael Jackson!’ We lived together.”

In the end, the Thriller singer came and stayed with them for 10 whole days back then. However, that was not the only time Jane Fonda ever went skinny-dipping with an industry colleague. In fact, she explained, she once even went swimming n*ked with another Hollywood legend, Greta Garbo.

Greta Garbo, American actress
Greta Garbo, American actress

Elaborating on her experience of going skinny-dipping with the The Divine Woman star, she commented that Garbo apparently, had “the most athletic body.” All in all, the episode was highly entertaining and Jane Fonda successfully built up a lot more hype for her movie The Book Club: The Next Chapter.

Not only because the sequel had been highly anticipated, but also because it tells the story of an epic cross-country adventure, much like Fonda boasted of experiencing in her life throughout the years.

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The Book Club: The Next Chapter was released on May 12th and is currently available at the theaters. 

Source: Watch What Happens Live

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