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Japanese Photographer’s Stunning Images Bring Action Figures To Life!!

Japanese Photographer hotkenobi has his way around action figures and toys. He uses photography to tell amazing stories. The Osaka based photographer is known to resort to DC and Marvel action figures. Toy Photography may sound childish to many. But once you see these images, you will start seeing this in an entirely different light.

Everything from Spider-Man ripping apart a can with his webbing to Darth Vader chasing after his helmet after the wind blew it off, hotkenobi covers everything great under the sun. The pictures are ingenious as well as incredibly fun to look at. How does hotkenobi manage to pull this off?


How does Superman do it? That is what Batman is thinking right now.


What song are they playing? This looks interesting?? It is time to find out.


Looks so comfy to be honest. Can we even complain? The stormtroopers have terrible aim. So its better this one decides to have a change of profession.


Is this the start of another Civil War? Over a pikachu?? Considering how petty the previous fights were, we would not be that surprised.


Hulk SMASH!! Smash them all Bruce Banner. They are non-alcoholic. Or is it why heis smashing them?


Run Scott run. Those giant boots look dangerous.


Who do you think will win? We are inclined to bet on the legendary close combat fighter. We will let you guess which one.


All hail the King. Bow down before the might of the Black Panther!!!


Captain America and Iron Man sitting on a tree, K I S S I N G


What did that can ever do to you Spider-Man? Come on, stop being a bully.


Can’t he just use the Force to get it back? Or has his brains flown off along with the helmet? Come on Darth Vader. Get your helmet. The Force is playing tricks on you.


Awwww, the bromance is killing us. We are already shipping Tony and Steve after seeing this pic.

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Is Deadpool Badass? Do you still think just because he pranks a lot it means he does not have the guts to be a one man army? Well we urge you to think again!!


This is our personal favorite. Ant Man and Iron Man unite. The magic of perspective comes into play here. This cannot get better than this.

Source: hotkenobi


Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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