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Jason Momoa Is Jacked In AQUAMAN First Look

We have our first look at Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in “Aquaman” thanks to Entertainment Weekly!


Arthur Curry looks a little different from how he appeared in “Justice League.” In part because Jason Momoa has clearly been hitting the gym, but mostly because James Wan is directing his solo adventure. Wan has emphasized that his take on the character would differ from Zack Snyder’s, and is teasing big changes are in store:

“It’s going to look very different, it will feel very different — aesthetically, tonally, story-wise — it’s my own take. It’s a much more a traditional action-adventure quest movie.”

Wan’s statement lines up with previous comments he made that the film would be like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” meets “Romancing the Stone.” Sounds awesome, right? Let’s hope Warner Bros. don’t meddle with the film when all is said and done.

Additionally, Wan elaborated on why he chose to direct “Aquaman.” If you didn’t know, Wan passed on “The Flash.” The challenge of making Aquaman cool is what appealed to him.

“Aquaman has been the joke of the comic book world, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought how cool that would be. Let’s take the character everybody makes fun of and do something really interesting with him.”

What do you think of this new look? “Aquaman” is scheduled for release on December 21, 2018.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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