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‘Jason Momoa stays as Aquaman. Why can’t Henry Cavill be Superman?’: DC Fans are Openly Calling Out DCU Boss James Gunn’s Hypocrisy

Jason Momoa stays as Aquaman. Why can't Henry Cavill be Superman

With the DC universe massively shifting from its initial roots under the new management of James Gunn and Peter Safran, many actors from the previous universe have been axed out. But amid all the rumbling in the studio, Jason Momoa’s future in the new chapter of DC looks promising.

Even though Jason Momoa’s Aquaman sequel may mark his final portrayal as the King of Atlantis, the actor is reportedly moving into the new universe as Lobo. But some fans have shown their disdain over the fact of Jason Momoa moving forward in this universe, while Henry Cavill has been removed from the role of Superman.

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Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Jason Momoa’s future in the new DCU appears promising

The DC universe has been under reconstruction after the arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran in the office, who are adamant about pulling the bandages from DCEU, which has been on a slow spiral death. And many known figures from the previous universe wouldn’t be continuing in James Gunn’s new vision, including the fan-favorite Henry Cavill.

While the Zack Snyder-led DCEU is ending this year with the release of Aquaman and the lost kingdom, Jason Momoa seems to be moving forward in the new universe amid all the reshuffling. The actor recently shared his excitement for his future in DC by stating,

“some really good news, Wish I could tell you, but here it is Peter, I love you. James, I love you.”

It’s evident that Momoa is getting a vital role in the James Gunn-led DCU and the actor seems confident in the director’s vision. But on the flip side, some fans called out James Gunn for axing Henry Cavill from the new universe but still keeping Jason Momoa around.

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James Gunn Casts Jason Momoa as Both Aquaman and Lobo in DCU
James Gunn reportedly recasting Jason Momoa as Lobo

Fans debate over Jason Momoa staying in DCU while Henry Cavill is out

Even though many fans are excited about James Gunn’s Vision for DC and are excited to see Momoa’s role in his grand vision. But some fans have shared their disdain over the fact of Momoa moving forward from the Snyderverse while Henry Cavill has been shelved in the corner.

Fans have shared their anger towards this decision and haven’t shied away to call out James Gunn on the matter. Fans cry foul for the removal of the Superman mantle from Henry Cavill and called out the director as a hypocrite for keeping Jason Momoa in the new DCU.

While on the other hand, some fans have been open to the idea of a new Superman and have put faith in the director’s vision for DCU. They defended the director for his decision to craft a young Superman story, as the old DCEU was on life-support and the axing of it including many beloved characters was a necessary evil.

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Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

With Jason Momoa probably dropping the mantle of Aquaman to play Lobo, it appears James Gunn is adamant about rebuilding DC from scratch. Even though Henry Cavill is out as Superman, James Gunn hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of his return, as he admitted that Elseworlds Storyline is going to play a major factor in the DCU moving forward.

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