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‘We are acting like kids’: DC Artist Jay Oliva Says Snyder Fans Acting Like ‘Kids in the Schoolyard’ is Reason Why Zack Snyder Will Never Return to DCEU

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Jay Oliva, a notable DC storyboard artist, who has worked with Zack Snyder several times, recently responded to fans in a thread that stated the reasons why the famed director may not return to establish the restoration of the fan-favorite SnyderVerse. The statements made by the artist on the platform have completely and utterly shattered the hopes of the fans who had dreamt of Snyder’s return for future DC films.

Zack Snyder will Not Return to DC
Zack Snyder

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As per the tweets made by Oliva, the Man of Steel director’s return as the supervisor of the DC narrative might realistically not happen due to a prevalent fandom culture that is renowned for its “toxicity.” Furthermore, the animated film director stressed how it is important to engage in “positive discourse” to show support for the eminent director, screenwriter, and cinematographer instead of behaving in a childlike manner.

What Jay Oliva Said On Twitter

Jay Oliva talked about the toxic fandom culture
Jay Oliva talked about the toxic fandom culture

What seemed to have stemmed out of a response to a fan, turned out to be a heartbreaking revelation for many DCEU fans. According to Jay Oliva, a part of the fandom, although a “vocal minority”, has made the rest of the audiences rooting for Snyder’s much-awaited and speculated return to the DC Extended Universe look “bad.”

According to Jay Oliva, after the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the viewers had split into different fractions of what constituted the “Snydercut fanbase.”

Snyderverse FandomWire
The poster for Zack Snyder’s Justice League

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Following is the full statement which was made by Oliva on Twitter:

“I posted after the Snydercut was released to take the W and celebrate what we all accomplished… What happened afterward was a fractioning of the Snydercut fanbase into “hardcore”, normal, and “toxic” divisions. All having their own agenda for what the DCEU “should” be.”

Furthermore, the Man of Steel storyboard artist revealed how irrespective of what others think of the SnyderVerse fans and the 2021 cut of the 2017 film, fans should not resort to aiding online disagreements and adding fuel to the fire that never seems to cease. Instead, they should focus on celebrating what they managed to achieve by supporting Zack Snyder. Straying away from harmful online behavior would be a more appropriate course of action.

Will Zack Snyder Not Return?

Will Zack Snyder NOT Return?
Zack Snyder at an event

As a reply to the statements made by Jay Oliva, a fan remarked how a large portion of the fandom was indeed invested in celebrating and lauding the cut’s release. However, the day after the release, the Chair, and CEO of WarnerMedia Studios, Ann Sarnoff, in a Variety article, addressed the future of Zack Snyder within the realm of DCEU films. The fan, speaking of the article, mentioned, “Instead of celebrating with us, the studio again attacked us.”

To this, Oliva stated the following:

“The movie was released and Zack was exonerated. Who cares what happens after? If there’s one thing to learn was that the news will sway back and forth to whatever was newsworthy.”

Another fan contested the statement, saying, “We care what happens after. We want more.”

Jay Oliva responds to SnyderVerse fans
Jay Oliva responds to SnyderVerse fans

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Jay Oliva, in his retort, claimed that the fans will never get a full-fledged restoration of the SnyderVerse if all the fandom is known for is “toxicity.” According to him, showing support for Zack Snyder’s DC endeavors substantiated the astounding interest the audiences seem to possess when it comes to the continuation of his much-acclaimed DCEU narrative.

Furthermore, the artist stressed that fans have been acting like “kids” who are “called names in the schoolyard.” If fans yearn for a future centered around the SnyderVerse, then they must “approach it like adults.”

Jay Oliva emphasized how in a business where a ginormous quantity of money – millions of it – is involved, the fans will have to change their demeanor and offer something that makes sense from a business perspective.

Will Zack Snyder return under the new regime? DCEU Warner Bros. Discovery
Will Zack Snyder return under the new regime?

If they fail to do, then there is, unfortunately, no hope for a future where Snyder’s supervision would guide the DCEU premise. Additionally, as a concluding statement to the response thread, Jay Oliva added that Warner Bros. Discovery will not be inviting the famed director back if they do not see a clear financial profit out of it. Similarly, Zack Snyder may not return if there’s no hope for a “great offer” that redeems how he was treated “under the old regime.”

“It’s all business,” expressed Oliva. In the last line of the tweet, he mentioned that such scenarios may never exist due to the reputation of the fandom.

Zack Snyder Henry Cavill
Zack Snyder on the Batman v Superman set

Does this signify the end of the road for the fans who have desperately, for years, campaigned for the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse movement? Not much can be ascertained.

The biggest takeaway from the long, elaborate thread is how the fan-culture surrounding Snyder may be exactly what’s holding the entertainment studio from taking a proper step. It might be what’s preventing the negotiations to happen in the first place.

The future of DCEU and the potential restoration of the SnyderVerse remains unclear as of now.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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