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“Jennifer and George couldn’t stand each other”: Jennifer Lopez Hated George Clooney’s “Goofball Behavior” While Shooting Their $77 Million Movie

"Jennifer and George couldn’t stand each other": Jennifer Lopez Hated George Clooney's "Goofball Behavior" While Shooting Their $77 Million Movie

While today, George Clooney might be known as a private man with not too much going on that he shows to the public, there was a time when the star was everywhere and the media couldn’t get enough of him. Being a natural performer and entertainer in Hollywood, the star still remains one of the elites of the industry.

George Clooney
George Clooney

Apart from his talent in cinema, the star is also very famous for his mischievous and funny nature, something that was infectious to his co-stars. But sometimes, not everyone can enjoy this type of personality, which was exactly the case with music legend Jennifer Lopez, who was so irked by his playful side that they both developed a feud while working together.

Why George Clooney Wanted Jennifer Lopez For Out Of Sight

Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney in a still from Out Of Sight
Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney in a still from Out Of Sight

One of the things that complete the charm of George Clooney is his playful and jolly nature, whether it may be on or off the screen. This in turn helps his co-stars warm up to the Ocean’s 11 star and better work together to make the project a memorable and rewarding experience. But during the auditions for the female lead in Out of Sight, the star wanted no one else to work on this film except Jennifer Lopez so he could make this experience just as special.

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Lopez was called to audition for the role of Karen Sisco, and during the audition process, Clooney was taken aback by just how perfectly she played out the character in front of him. The star was also mesmerized by the emotions and her movements that captured the essence of the scene, which was the reason why he could convince everyone so easily to cast her in the role. He said:

“Every actress in town read for that part, and part of it was that she had to be sexy, but you also had to believe that she could shoot you and kill you. And Jennifer had all of that.”

But despite her brilliant audition, both of them would soon have a falling off between them as Lopez couldn’t handle Clooney’s ‘Goofball Behavior’ during the entire shoot of the film.

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Why Did George Clooney And Jennifer Lopez Get Into A Feud?

Out Of Sight
Out Of Sight

While the chemistry between the two stars was something phenomenal on the screen, there was a different story to be told off-screen. the point of discord between the two emerged from the fact that Lopez was a strict professional while Clooney was a playful individual, which led the Parker star to dislike his behavior during the shoot. An insider source told that:

“Jennifer and George couldn’t stand each other during filming, This was her first starring role and she’s a hard worker and didn’t appreciate his goofball behavior.”

Thus, the difference in their nature was the reason that they both disliked each other so much, and may even do so today.

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