Jennifer Lawrence Learned to Skin a Squirrel and Fighting For a Movie That Paid Her $3000 Per Week

Jennifer Lawrence Learned to Skin a Squirrel and Fighting For a Movie That Paid Her $3000 Per Week
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Jennifer Lawrence made her breakthrough in Hollywood with the 2010 independent film, Winter’s Bone. Although she had already proved a performer in her earlier indie film, The Poker House, the Debra Granik-directed film nominated her for a Best Actress Oscar at the age of 20. Following this recognition, the Passengers actress landed big roles in the X-Men and Hunger Games franchises.

Jennifer Lawrence at the promotional event for No Hard Feelings
Jennifer Lawrence

In 2012, the No Hard Feelings actress received another Best Actress Oscar nomination, this time winning it for Silver Linings Playbook. It was a well-deserved award that many felt should have come sooner, given Lawrence’s dedication to her role in Winter’s Bone.

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Jennifer Lawrence Went All In For The Role In The Movie

Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Winter's Bone
Jennifer Lawrence showed sincere commitment to her Winter’s Bone role

Jennifer Lawrence was committed to the role from the outset, as her mother had read the book by Daniel Woodrell on which the movie was based. The American Hustle actress was initially turned down for the role as she was too clean and pretty for the role. Lawrence then flew to New York and intentionally attended the audition with a runny nose and unwashed hair to prove a point. Her efforts paid off and she got the part.

The Serena actress arrived in the Ozarks of Missouri a week before filming and stayed with the family on whom the story was based. Lawrence played Ree Dolly, a young girl from a poverty-ridden family who looks after her family, including her mentally ill mother. The film explores Ree’s search for her missing father who has skipped bail, gone into hiding, and pushed his family to the brink of eviction.

For her role, the Joy actress had to immerse herself in the local culture of the Ozarks. Many of the cast members were new faces from the area, including Isaiah Stone and Ashlee Thompson, who played her siblings. The cast got to wear the used clothes of the locals, who were given new clothes in exchange. Lawrence even learned how to skin a squirrel, which lost her appetite for spaghetti for a long time, and how to chop wood.


The Don’t Look Up actress also had an opportunity to interact with a real-life Army veteran, Sergeant Russell Schalk, and she even learned some fighting skills for the movie.

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Jennifer Lawrence Was Paid $3000 A Week For Her Oscar-Nominated Role

Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Winter's Bone
Jennifer Lawrence was paid $3000 a week for her Winter’s Bone role

According to a report from Vogue, Jennifer Lawrence was paid $3000 per week and roughly a total of $10,000 for her role in the movie. This was not so bad, considering the movie was made on a budget of $2 million. The movie grossed $16 million during its theatrical run and was one of the lowest-grossing films to be nominated for the Oscars.


Jennifer Lawrence has since become one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. With a net worth of $160 million, the Red Sparrow actress is getting paid in millions, such as the staggering $25 million she received for the 2021 Netflix film, Don’t Look Up. Interestingly, her Oscar-winning role in Silver Linings Playbook, which came just two years after Winter’s Bone, earned her a $4 million paycheck.

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Winter’s Bone undoubtedly launched Jennifer Lawrence’s flourishing career, and the movie is now available for streaming on Cinemax.


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