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Jennifer Lawrence Unintentionally Hurt Meryl Streep’s Feelings Over Her Age: “That’s right, just tell the old goat where to go”

Jennifer Lawrence Unintentionally Hurt Meryl Streep's Feelings Over Her Age: "That's right, just tell the old goat where to go"

Don’t Look Up managed to captivate audiences, drawing them to witness the stellar ensemble gracing the screen. Within this satirical science fiction masterpiece, Hollywood’s brightest luminaries shine. Guided by the brilliant performances of Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, the tale unfolds with these astronomers sounding the alarm on an apocalyptic asteroid threat to Earth. A constellation of remarkable talents, including Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Jonah Hill, and Tyler Perry, complete this stellar cast.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

While the ensemble of the Don’t Look Up cast boasts individual triumphs, the opportunity to collaborate with Streep was undeniably momentous. Streep’s remarkable versatility has become her trademark, and she is recognized as one of the finest actors of her era. Seamlessly navigating between comedic and dramatic roles, the revered actor has garnered many honors. Throughout her illustrious journey, Streep has accumulated an astounding 21 Academy Award nominations, setting a record, and emerged victorious three times, solidifying her status as an unparalleled talent.

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What Did Jennifer Lawrence Say To Hurt Meryl Streep

The Hunger Games star humbly acknowledged that her own accomplishments didn’t shield her from being awestruck. Even Jennifer Lawrence, an accomplished actress with four Oscar nominations and one win under her belt, candidly confessed to experiencing a touch of intimidation while collaborating with Streep on Don’t Look Up. Lawrence playfully bantered about her exhilarating experience of working alongside Streep and DiCaprio in a lighthearted conversation on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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Meryl Streep later went on to win 3 Oscars
Meryl Streep

“We offhandedly call Meryl The GOAT. You know ‘GOAT do that. Yeah, the GOAT will go here.’ And we were doing a photo shoot, and I said something like ‘GOAT,’ and Meryl said, ‘That’s right, just tell the old goat where to go.’ And I was like, ‘Meryl, you know that GOAT means greatest of all time, right?’ And she was like, ‘Oh! No!’ And we were like, ‘Well, we haven’t just been calling you goat!'” 

Delving further into the matter, Lawrence disclosed that Streep genuinely had no knowledge of the widely used acronym. The esteemed actress wholeheartedly believed that her fellow Don’t Look Up cast members called her an “old goat” due to her age. Lawrence recounted the incident, emphasizing that Meryl Streep gracefully accepted what could have been interpreted as an insult, taking it “on the chin” with remarkable poise.

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Jennifer Lawrence Didn’t Want To Annoy Meryl Streep

Jennifer Lawrence’s main objective during the filming of Don’t Look Up was to navigate the production without inadvertently irritating Streep. She recognized the importance of maintaining a harmonious working environment and aimed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Jennifer Lawrence with her Oscar
Jennifer Lawrence with her Oscar

“My biggest concern was I did not want to annoy Meryl Streep,” Lawrence told Vanity Fair. “That’s my worst nightmare. So, I will only speak if spoken to, and I will be the least annoying person in the room.”

Don’t Look Up is available for streaming on Netflix.

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