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Jennifer Lawrence Was Worried Her $2.9 Billion Hunger Games Franchise Would Ruin One of the Things She Loved the Most, Wanted to Pick a Fight With the Director

Jennifer Lawrence Was Worried Her $2.9 Billion Hunger Games Franchise Would Ruin One of the Things She Loved the Most, Wanted to Pick a Fight With the Director

Jennifer Lawrence is recognized for not just her brilliant works, but also her jolly and outspoken nature. Known to pull punches and speak her mind, Lawrence has earned a reputation for her extreme frankness. Merely restricting herself even during interviews, the actress always allows her audience to have a piece of her mind. 

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Evidently having that bold persona, Jennifer Lawrence always gives out her opinions, irrespective of the intensity. In fact, before she collaborated with The Hunger Games project, Lawrence had every intention of telling off Gary Ross, the director of The Hunger Games

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Jennifer Lawrence Disapproved of The Hunger Games Films  

Although Jennifer Lawrence portrayed the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise, she never had the intention of joining the cast. In fact, the actress later revealed how she went for the auditions half-heartedly. However, reprising the role for the three sequels, Lawrence was indefinitely grateful for the opportunity. 

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The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence, like many others, has been a huge fan of The Hunger Games books. Her appreciation for the novels was boundless and it is indeed the reason that restrained her from joining the franchise. During her initial audition for the movies, Lawrence revealed, she wasn’t pleased with the idea of turning the books into movies. 

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence didn’t want The Hunger Games adaptation

I’d read all three books and loved them” the actress shared. She further added, “When I heard there was going to be a movie, I was like, ‘Oh, great. Another great book about to be ruined by a film franchise’.” Thus, to make her feelings known, Jennifer Lawrence wanted to pick a fight with Gary Ross, the director of the movie.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Discussion With Gary Ross 

During her interview with Stylist, Lawrence shared, how she wanted to give Gary Ross a piece of her mind. “I was so against it. In my mind, I went into the initial meeting with the director just to tell him off.” she shared. Completely against the idea of turning the books into movies, Lawrence was worried the $2.9B adaptation will ruin everything she held so close to her heart. 

Jennifer Lawrence
Lawrence is a Hunger Games fanatic

However, eventually, things turned out to be different for the actress as a discussion with Ross changed her mind about the book adaptation. Struggling with the idea of witnessing The Hunger Games films, Jennifer Lawrence witnessed a similarity in perspective with the director. Sharing a similar sense of ethos Lawrence and Ross agreed on a common ground. 

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence with Gary Ross

Everything I had prepared to bring up – the things that were so important about why making a movie of this book wouldn’t work – he agreed,” Lawrence shared. She further added, “He was a fan of the books; we all are… It’s being made by fans”. Thus, despite her initial hesitation, Jennifer Lawrence joined as the pivotal character in The Hunger Games franchise. 

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Source: Stylist 

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