Jennifer Lawrence, Who Charged $25,000,000 For a Movie, Had to Agree For a $3,000 Per Week Contract For Winter’s Bone

Jennifer Lawrence, Who Charged $25,000,000 For a Movie, Had to Agree For a $3,000 Per Week Contract For Winter's Bone

Jennifer Lawrence has been known for several iconic roles throughout her Hollywood career. With several accolades to her name, the actress has been getting higher paychecks with each movie that she continues to star in.

With her appearances getting a bit selective, Lawrence earned a whopping paycheck of $25 million for starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio but she also had to work for $3000 a week when she was starting out her career.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

When Jennifer Lawrence Was Paid $3000 Per Week For A Movie!

At the beginning of her career, Jennifer Lawrence was not quite famous (obviously). During the starting days, the actress had a rough patch where she was not earning handsomely. After several troubles, the actress fought harder and finally found herself a great actress.

Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Winter's Bone
Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Winter’s Bone

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As per the reports, Lawrence had quite a difference in paycheck back when she started her career and her 2021 movie starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. The actress had quite the fortune when she earned $25 million for starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2021 movie Don’t Look Up. The harrowing thing is the record-low amount of paycheck that she received during the 2010 movie Winter’s Bone back when she was just starting out.

Winter’s Bone featured Jennifer Lawrence in the character of Ree Dolly. With a strong debut and a high rating, Lawrence was praised for her performance in the movie. According to the details, The Hunger Games actress was paid just $3000 every week during the shooting of the movie. The actress went home with a paycheck of $10,000 after the shooting of the movie ended.

She had also once stated that she was not a great negotiator during the shooting of a 2013 movie titled American Hustle. 

“I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early. I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don’t need,”

She later learned her lesson and found her way toward success with greater paychecks and selecting specific movies to her name.

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Jennifer Lawrence Does Not Star In Movies Much

Jennifer Lawrence.
Jennifer Lawrence.

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With some problems of her own, Lawrence has been a person who selectively chooses her movies. The actress has barely released 2 to 3 movies a year and the number went down lower and lower.

The actress was seen alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in 2021 in Don’t Look Up. She later starred in Causeway in 2022. And now, the actress is slated to star in the upcoming dark comedy movie No Hard Feelings. The movie has been R-rated (for obvious reasons) and is slated for a release date of 23rd June 2023 in theaters across the world.

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