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Jennifer Lopez’s Brutal Criticizm of Sandra Bullock’s Work Ethic Nearly Ended J.Lo’s Career After Stealing Her Role in $77.7M Film: “You have to fight for things you want”

Jennifer Lopez's Brutal Criticizm of Sandra Bullock's Work Ethic Nearly Ended J.Lo's Career After Stealing Her Role in $77.7M Film: "You have to fight for things you want"

Whether it be breaking records in sales and accolades on the music side of things, or may it be getting featured in commercially and critically successful films in the Hollywood industry, Jennifer Lopez has managed to do all of that and then some. Even now, she’s a desirable individual in the business thanks to her talents that have just gotten better like a vintage wine over the years.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

And even now, she continues to be a part of films and TV shows while also taking he music career to new heights through her new album release. But there was a time when she was just an artist who was coming up as an actor in the industry and was just about to be beaten by Sandra Bullock for one of the most outstanding roles of her Hollywood career.

Sandra Bullock Almost Beat Jennifer Lopez To Become The Female Lead In Out of Sight

Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney in a still from Out Of Sight
Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney in a still from Out Of Sight

While both her music and Hollywood careers might be encrusted with various metaphorical gemstones, some projects within them made Jennifer Lopez the multi-talented star she is today. One film, in particular, has held her in high regard by the critics as well as the audiences who had witnessed her and George Clooney’s breathtaking performances, which happens to be 1998’s Out Of Sight. But there was an instance when Sandra Bullock could’ve taken the role of the star with relative ease.

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During an old interview, the Shotgun Wedding star was asked about how she felt working on the sets of the film as well as what she experienced as she tried to get the role. She disclosed a lot about the audition process, recalling that Universal Studios was also considering Bullock as the female protagonist. The only thing the Bird Box star had to do was to show up and audition, something that she didn’t do, which ended up winning Lopez the role. She said:

“Universal was pushing for Sandra Bullock because they said she’d put people in seats. George and the director met with her, but they were like, ‘If Sandra really wants it, she’s gonna have to test for it.’ She wouldn’t test, and her agent, who is also my agent, supported that. If I was Sandy, I’d say, ‘Well, I’m gonna show them that I can do it. I’ll read with them, make them offer me the part, then make them pay out the ass.'”

Even George Clooney was mesmerized by Lopez’s performance during the audition, so much so that he personally wanted to work with her on the film, which became a classic thanks to their on-screen chemistry with each other.

What Was So Special About Out Of Sight?

A still from Out Of Sight
A still from Out Of Sight

Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight was a crime/drama film that took the unconventional route to the crime part of storytelling and focused more on the drama, and later romance aspect of it. The film was mainly trying to depict the situation when a US Marshal officer falls in love with a bank robber and then continues to explore that aspect with dynamic progression. Along with that, the chemistry that both Lopez and Clooney brought to the screen was exemplary and completely in conjunction with the narrative.

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Out Of Sight, now available on Apple TV

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