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‘Jensen Ackles for Batman or we walk’: The Boys Star Becomes Frontrunner in DCU Batman Race after James Gunn Reveals He Hasn’t Decided on ‘The Brave and the Bold’ Casting Yet

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When new DC Studios co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran announced the development of a new Batman movie in early February, fans were given quite the treat as Safran clarified that the movie will also be featuring “other members of the extended Bat-Family”. Fans couldn’t be happier about receiving that news, and hopes were high on the casting choices.

After all, what’s a movie about the Bat if the casting choice for Bruce Wayne isn’t carefully picked? It is in light of this that fans of a completely different media franchise, the popular Amazon Prime hit The Boys, have been demanding that Season 3 star Jensen Ackles be cast in the role of Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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James Gunn Reveals Actor To Play Batman In The Brave and the Bold Hasn’t Been Cast Yet

For those who are out of the loop on the newly announced movie, The Brave and the Bold, it’s going to be one of the many planned installments of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters in the new DC Universe.

The movie will be an adaptation of Grant Morrison’s Batman and Son comic arc from 2006, and even better, fans will finally see the return of fan-favorite and Bruce Wayne’s sidekick Robin. Robin last appeared in 1997 in a movie named after the iconic duo.

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James Gunn

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The movie will also be introducing a “new” Bruce Wayne into the DCU and will feature a partnership between Wayne and his love child Damian Wayne (who is Robin by the way). But fans are mostly worried about whether or not the right person will be chosen to be cast as Batman, let alone his sidekick Robin.

To further lengthen their worries, James Gunn himself replied to a fan tweet asking how old the actor for Bruce Wayne will be, to which he replied-

It’s only fair, the project was announced just at the beginning of this month. So fans need not worry about whether or not James Gunn will make the right choices and cast the perfect actor to play Batman.

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The Boys Fans Demand Jensen Ackles To Be Given Batman Role In The Brave and the Bold

There’s a lot of buzz going around the DCU fanbase regarding who the new Batman could possibly be. Ben Affleck’s departure from the franchise after the release of the massive letdown of Justice League in 2017 already rules him out of the question.

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Jensen Ackles

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Fans cannot expect even Robert Pattinson to fill in the shoes of Bruce Wayne in The Brave and the Bold as his version of the Bat is a standalone from the DCU. This is where fans of The Boys come through as they demand that Soldier Boy actor Jensen Ackles be given a chance at the billionaire vigilante-

A bit old but hey, roles are there to be filled-

He predicted it! –

Just consider him once! –

The Mindhunter star was quite impressive in the TV series as well-

Louder! –

Who would you choose to play Bruce Wayne in the new era of the DC Universe?

Batman: The Brave and the Bold‘s release date has not been announced yet.

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