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Jeremy Renner “Passed Away For a Couple of Seconds” After Accident, Neighbour Recalls Desperately Trying to Keep Him Awake

Jeremy Renner "Passed Away For a Couple of Seconds" After Accident, Neighbour Recalls Desperately Trying to Keep Him Awake

January 1st, 2023 was a day that Jeremy Renner will hope to erase from his memory for life. The Marvel star was involved in a terrifying snow plow accident on the ski slopes during his vacation with family and friends. Renner sustained severe injuries while attempting to save his young nephew from danger.

Jeremy Renner
Avengers star Jeremy Renner

The Hurt Locker actor is slowly but surely recovering and gave his first official interview detailing the physical and emotional trauma that he underwent following the incident. Jeremy Renner almost lost his life on the ski slopes on New Year’s Day and his neighbors are now recalling the harrowing moments immediately after the accident when Renner was rushed to the hospital.

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“Jeremy Renner Was Dead for A few Seconds”, Say Neighbors

Jeremy Renner’s neighbors Rich Kovach and Barb Fletcher also made an appearance on Diane Sawyer’s show to recount the initial bloodcurdling moments before the Avengers star was brought to the hospital following his accident. Reliving the situation and Renner’s condition, Kovach said,

“He had some blood coming out of his ears, his nose for sure. And then his eye, it looked like it had been pushed out,”

Jeremy Renner’s neighbors Rich Kovach and Barb Fletcher

Meanwhile, Fletcher confessed that there was a point when everyone thought that Jeremy Renner had succumbed to his injuries. Speaking of that horrific moment, Fletcher said,

“At one point, he just got clammy feel to him, he turned this gray-green color and I feel in my heart that I feel like we lost him for a second. He closed his eyes. And I just tried to keep him awake. I really feel he did pass away for a couple of seconds. I really do.”

Both neighbors also mentioned the colossal loss of blood from Renner’s body and the intense pain that the actor was going through at that point in time with injuries that included a cracked skull.

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Jeremy Renner Told His Family To “Let Him Go”

Jeremy Renner bared his soul in his ABC interview with Diane Sawyer while speaking about the emotional and physical aftermath of his accident. Renner confessed that the extensive injuries he sustained did not give him the confidence that he would be able to recuperate and return to normal again. The actor even went to the extent of preparing himself and the family for his death by telling them,

“Don’t let me live on tubes on a machine. If my existence is going to be on drugs and painkillers, let me go now.”

Jeremy renner
Jeremy Renner updated fans on his recovery from the hospital

The Hawkeye actor stated that he was grateful to not have to go through this trying ordeal alone and said that even if he were to die then, he was fortunate to be surrounded by a loving family.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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