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Jeremy Renner Recalls His Mother Valerie Cearley Reading Him Horror Stories While He Was Battling For His Life After Snowplow Accident: “I just wanted him to hear my voice”

jeremy renner and valerie cearley

While the beginning of the New Year brought hope to people all around the world, Jeremy Renner and his close ones were going through a horrible time in their lives. We all know something or the other about the snowplow accident Jeremy Renner was involved in which took place near his Lake Tahoe home.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

And now, as more and more information is getting released about the accident and Jeremy Renner’s time at the hospital, we realize just how lucky he was to survive it all. As Jeremy Renner was battling for his life, his family was right there with him. While he couldn’t even manage to utter a word to them, his mother didn’t lose hope and continued reading stories to him.

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Jeremy Renner’s Mom Read to Him at the Hospital

Jeremy Renner and Diane Sawyer during the interview
Jeremy Renner and Diane Sawyer during the interview

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In an attempt to save his nephew, Jeremy Renner came out of the incident with 30 broken bones, a collapsed lung, and a liver that was pierced by a shattered rib. The days he spent in the hospital were definitely not easy and the actor even wrote a message on his notes, directed to his family. In the notes, he asked them to “let him go now” if his “existence was going to be on drugs and painkillers.” Renner did not want to lead a life that had him attached to a machine with tubes everywhere.

While Renner might have been losing hope for his survival, his mother, Valerie Cearley, was right beside him. She was Renner’s wall. Even though Renner couldn’t respond to her words, Cearley still read to her son because she wanted him to hear her voice.

Jeremy Renner with his mother, Valerie Cearley
Jeremy Renner with his mother, Valerie Cearley

Talking to Diane Sawyer, Renner stated that his mom would read him stories, particularly one by Stephen King, one of the most renowned horror authors. While reading a horror story to someone at such a time might seem a bit peculiar to some, Renner recalls the time with a laugh. He stated,

“Oh Jesus [laughs]. So she’s reading Stephen King. Some like horror thing, but she’s just wants to read like she’s reading Dr. Seuss to me.”

Cearley then reveals that she read King’s horror story to Renner simply because it was what she was reading at the time. She stated, “It happened to be what I was reading at the time. But I just wanted him to hear my voice.” Not going to lie, this has us tearing up a bit! The love Cearley has for her son is truly heartwarming.

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Jeremy Renner is Done Being Victimized

Jeremy Renner with his family
Jeremy Renner with his family

During his time at the hospital, Renner would use sign language to tell his family that he was sorry. However, at the end of the interview, Renner reveals that he is done being victimized by the ordeal. He refused to be haunted by the memories of it all. Renner states,

“I refuse to have that be a trauma and be a negative experience…I wouldn’t let that happen to my nephew, so I shift the narrative of being victimized or making a mistake or anything else. I refuse to be f*cking haunted by that memory, that way. This is what I talk to my family about, from all their perspectives which are horrifying, that I put upon them…We just endured. That’s real love.”

Sitting in his wheelchair, Renner tried to hold back his tears as he recalled the entire situation. As we learn more and more about what he has been through, the more we know who the strongest Avenger is, after all.

Source: ABC News

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