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Jeremy Renner Went To “Scary” Places To Play a Notorious Serial Killer That Later Landed His Marvel Co-star in Hot Water: “I didn’t even know who Jeffrey Dahmer was”

Jeremy Renner Went To "Scary" Places To Play a Notorious Serial Killer That Later Landed His Marvel Co-star in Hot Water

Jeremy Renner’s versatility knows no bounds, as he dabbles in various pursuits, ranging from music and home renovation to even creating the short-lived Jeremy Renner App and of course, a career as a make-up artist. His journey into stardom can be traced back to the early days of his acting career, notably in 2002, when he achieved significant success with his role in David Jacobson’s Dahmer.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

Despite his multifaceted talents, nothing could have prepared him for the challenging role of the infamous cannibalistic serial killer. In an interview with Interview Magazine, Renner discussed his experience portraying Jeffrey Dahmer, highlighting the immense complexity and gravity of the character he embodied.

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Jeremy Renner Wasn’t Aware Of Jeffery Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was an infamous serial killer who committed heinous acts, taking the lives of 17 victims, all males, spanning from 1978 to 1991. His name remains etched in American history as one of the most notorious serial killers. The recent true crime miniseries Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has resurfaced his chilling legacy, bringing him back into the public consciousness. For decades, the profoundly disturbing accounts of his methods have haunted the minds of people, leaving an irreversible impact on the collective psyche.

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Jeremy Renner

In a surprising revelation from the Interview Magazine interview, Jeremy Renner confessed that he was entirely unaware of Jeffrey Dahmer and his infamous crimes before stepping into the role. The actor apparently had no prior knowledge of the serial killer’s chilling history, making his decision to portray Dahmer in the miniseries even more remarkable. 

“Well you know it happened so fast… it was the complete opposite of the ‘Hurt Locker’ where I had time to prepare. I mean, I didn’t even know who Jeffrey Dahmer was, and then four days later after reading the script we’re shooting principal photography, and two weeks later we’re done. It was such a whirlwind.”

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Jeremy Renner’s Experience Playing The Role Was Scary

Being thrust into such a dark and intense role without prior knowledge was a whirlwind experience for Renner. He had to venture into a deeply somber and unsettling emotional space to truly understand and connect with the character. Delving into the complexities of Jeffrey Dahmer’s persona required Renner to go to great lengths in order to authentically portray the serial killer. 

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

“I mean to relate to that experience, I had to do a lot of work and allow myself to go places that were a little scary. You know when you play a guy like that it allows you the freedom to explore really weird parts about you… …In order to really get it, I’ve got to allow myself to go there.”

Renner’s bold plunge into the depths of Dahmer’s twisted psyche proved to be a rewarding endeavor, marking a significant turning point in his acting career. The portrayal of the notorious serial killer became Renner’s breakthrough role and a major milestone in his journey as an actor.

Dahmer is available for rent or purchase on Google Play.

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