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Jeremy Renner’s Life Before and After Hawkeye: How Much Money Has Jeremy Renner Earned From Avengers Movies?

Jeremy Renner’s Life Before and After Hawkeye: How Much Money Has Jeremy Renner Earned From Avengers Movies?

Jeremy Renner plays the role of Clint Barton in MCU’s Avengers. Unlike many others in the Avengers, he has no superpower, he is proficient with multiple weapons, his favorite being the recurve bow. He first played his role as Hawkeye in the Thor movie which was released back in 2011.

The Hawkeye actor has recently been the talk among many people. Renner’s New year started off on a bad foot as he was a victim of a tragic accident event. Renner was hospitalized and is currently in rehabilitation and is getting better with every passing day.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

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Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner’s character, Clint Barton is a non-superhuman with extraordinary skills in archery and excellent hand-to-hand combat prowess. As he was a spy in SHIELD he also excelled in espionage. He was pulled into the frontline from being in the shadows after Earth was attacked by aliens, in an attempt to conquer Earth and became one of the initial members of the Avengers.

Jeremy Renner recently starred in Hawkeye which was released in November 2021. The events that occurred in the series take place after their fight with Thanos in Endgame. The series shows us how Clint Barton’s past catches up to him as he has to fight enemies from his past when he was an agent at SHIELD, in order to protect his family from being harmed. The character’s strong moral compass at times leads him off course but his vision for the greater good has never been questioned.

Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye

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But once, after their fight with Thanos when they lost to him the first time and caused the blip, he lost his family which caused his mental health to take a heavy toll. His transformation to Ronin was the darkest point of his life. He also lost his long-time friend and fellow SHIELD agent Natasha Romanoff as she sacrificed herself in front of his eyes to secure the soul stone in order to defeat Thanos. So in the first two episodes of Hawkeye, it is shown that after he was reunited with his family he spends much time with them.

Jeremy Renner’s Life After Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner is currently working on his role in Mayor of Kingstown. The show released its first season on November 2021 and its second premiered to release on January 15th, 2023. The series shows a powerful and wealthy family settled in Kingstown. With crime and corruption at an all-time high, the Mayor attempts to punish all those injustices and establish order in the city.

Jeremy Renner has bagged a serious amount of cash from his role as Hawkeye in the movies. Renner has reportedly made somewhere over $24 million from the Marvel Studios. Well, it is not known how much he earned for starring in Hawkeye, but it is guessed that the sum cannot be less than $15 million and even more as the show boomed on its release. Renner has a net worth of a whopping $80 million.

Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld in "Hawkeye"
Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld in Hawkeye

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Jeremy Renner was involved in an accident and sustained severe injuries. Though he was administered first aid, he was taken to the hospital where he underwent multiple surgeries. Renner was helping a family member whose car was stuck in the snow while he towed out the car with a snowplow machine. While he was talking to his family member the machine started rolling down and in an attempt to stop it, he was crushed under it.

Jeremy Renner was married to Sonni Pacheco, The Wingman actress. Renner and Pacheco met on the set of Mission: Impossible 4 and dated for around three years before getting married in 2014 and only after eight months they got divorced the next year in 2015. During their relationship, they had a daughter, Ava Berlin Renner.

The Hawkeye actor has a vast dating history as back in 1995 he had a fling with Rashida Jones and it was also rumored that he was dating Janet Montgomery in 2011. Since his divorce, Renner has been seen with multiple actresses, and recently during the Super Bowl weekend in 2021, he was seen with Ambulance actress Eiza González though it’s been rumored that they were just friends.

Jeremy Renner has won two Academy Award nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. He then won his first Broadcast Film Critics Association Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Acting Ensemble alongside the cast of American Hustle.

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is currently streaming on Disney+.

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