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Jesse Quick May Return to ‘The Flash’

The Flash has introduced many characters in its four seasons of running time. Chief among them is Violett Beane’s Jesse Quick. While Jesse returned to her native world of Earth-2 in season three, evidence has pointed to her possible return.

Candice Patton, who plays Iris West, recently posted a picture of herself and Beane at a coffee shop in Vancouver. While Beane has commitments to other shows, a possible return to the show can’t be ruled out.

Check out the Instagram photo below:

candice patton instagram story

In the months since Barry left, Wally and Cisco have barely been able to protect Central City. When a new foe defeats them easily, requesting a battle against the Flash, the team decides to bring Barry back. While they manage to do so, Barry’s return releases dark matter, turning a dozen people on a city bus into metahumans. One of these metahumans is private detective Ralph Dibny, who joins the Flash’s team. While Barry and Iris prepare for their wedding, the team realize that Barry’s arrival and the creation of the bus metahumans were orchestrated by the Thinker.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 pm EST on The CW.

Written by Collier Jennings

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