‘This is Our Version’: She-Hulk Writer Jessica Gao Says MCU’s Lighter Themed, Less Grittier Daredevil is ‘Very Much Planned’

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Ever since Daredevil’s cameo in Spider-Man; No Way Home, not everyone is excited to see him joining the MCU. After making a short appearance in the movie, the character will soon appear on screen with She-Hulk in the upcoming legal comedy.

Daredevil: Born Again will be on the "street-level" heroes along with Spider-Man.

In the recent trailers of She-Hulk, Daredevil was seen meeting She-Hulk. In the trailer we just see him, appearing in front of She-Hulk. Even though he doesn’t say anything, it was assumed that the character will not be the same as shown in the original Netflix series. 

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Will Disney Change Daredevil?

Daredevil fans are concerned over how Marvel can adjust their favorite character according to them, making it lighter. Guess what, it seems like they were right and Daredevil will not be the same as its original series in She-Hulk

Recently, in an interview, Jessica Gao, the writer and executive producer of She-Hulk said that the series has its version of Daredevil, which is a little different from the series. She did not go into further details regarding the cannon status of the Netflix Show, but she did make sure that Daredevil in She-Hulk will not be like the one in the Netflix series. 

Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

Is Daredevil a Canon with the MCU?

At the same time director and executive producer of the series, Kat Coiro also discussed if Netflix Daredevil is a canon saying, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it, but it’s very conscious and it’s very much planned. That’s all I can say.”


Jessica Gao also said that She-Hulk being a legal comedy will mainly focus on the humorous side of these characters. She said, “They get to take a little bit of comedy vacation.”

With Cairo’s comment, it seems like Marvel is still not sure if it wants to confirm whether the Defenders is a canon with the MCU. Fans are just eager to know if the Netflix shows are canon with the MCU or not.

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These shows ended almost three years before these characters started showing making appearances in the MCU. This leaves many plot holes that will need answers if they are canon. It may be even hard to do so when there is no mention of these shows anywhere in the MCU. 

Fans are just waiting for Marvel to decide where these shows stand in the MCU and if they are canon at all.

She-Hulk trailer introduces Daredevil in a classic new red and gold suit
She-Hulk trailer introduces Daredevil in a classic new red and gold suit

Too Many Cameos?

Daredevil’s appearance is one of the reasons why fans are disappointed with She-Hulk. However, there is another reason why the show behind this disappointment. 


With multiple cameos in the series, fans have started pointing out that instead of focusing on the main character, the makers are promoting the series with a list of cameos in the series.

It became even when the studio released a clip of all cameos in the series. The series has been a topic of discussion since its first trailer release. And whether the show does focus on She-Hulk or not will be revealed with its premiere on August 18 on Disney+.

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