Jessica Jones Comments On Marvel’s Sexist Treatment Of Female Heroes

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Jessica Jones makes a comment on Marvel’s seemingly sexist way of portraying female characters in comics. She thinks they are treated poorly and deserves better representation.

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Of all Marvel female superheroes, Jones is one of the non-traditional characters who does not wear sexy or flashy costumes. She prefers to sport a leather jacket and stay low-key. But, her concern goes beyond what they wear.

Marvel’s issue of The Variants occurs a decade after Jones was controlled by the Purple Man/Kilgrave. She is now living a normal life with her husband Luke Cage, and their daughter. Along with this, Jones is leaving the fight behind.


Jessica Jones On Marvel’s Portrayal Of Women Superheroes

In the second issue of The Variants by Gail Simone and Phil Noto, Jones meets Greer Nelson a.k.a. Tigra for a coffee date. Tigra is dressed in revealing clothes with lots of people looking at her and absolutely judging her fashion choice. While they talk, Jones recalled a piece of news from years ago when Wasp rescued a kid, and all the talk of the town was her costume, which bares her back.

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The Variants #2

This triggered an emotional trauma in Jones, a reason why she prefers wearing dull clothes. She also contemplated how private investigators are not as welcomed as superheroes, thus rejecting Tigra’s offer to join her team.

Often, female heroes are portrayed in skimpy outfits, and Jones joining such a team will only elicit unwanted comments about her physique. This also outweighs the good deeds of the superheroes, as they are often objectified by their appearance.


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Marvel Comics has come a long way now and has improved its treatment of women as superheroes. The introduction of Jessica Jones is one of the best examples of women becoming heroes because they want to help and not to show off and display themselves in flashy costumes.


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