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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Review, Episode 6: “AKA Facetime”

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Things for Trish are quickly spiraling. Her addiction to the super inhaler has made her pursuit of IGH even more obsessive. Like Ahab looking for a whale, Trish is spoiling for criminals to fight. I wanted Trish to become Hellcat at some point this season but not like this. Not like this! It’s likely going to be up to Malcolm, a former addict himself, to help Trish through her addiction because Jessica is a little busy.

So, Jessica’s Mom is the Mystery Killer Woman. I didn’t see that coming, but I probably should have. This will add an interesting wrinkle to Trish’s investigation. Will Jessica continue to allow Trish to look into IGH if it means harming her own mother? I’m not a huge fan of making every villain connected with the hero. We’ve seen a lot of that of late. From Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s Ego to Black Panther’s Killmonger, superfamily squabbles can make for some great drama, but Jessica Jones is going to have to walk a tight line pursuing this storyline so that it doesn’t devolve into cliche.

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Elsewhere Jeri, ever the problem solver, might have a solution to her illness. Inez revealed to her that one of the IGH patients developed healing powers. I have to say I’m not a fan of this turn. I thought that Jeri might want to undergo the same procedure as Jessica. Healed and likely supered, Jeri would be even more dangerous than she is now.

But the “healing hands” thing just seems a little ridiculous. I know that the MCU has talking Racoons and magical Benedict Cumberbatches, but in terms of the show’s tone, this seems like a bridge too far. Also, how does the revival procedure grant super strength to Jessica and her Mom, but these seemingly random healing powers to this one guy? I like a little consistency in more made up super science, thank you.

The episode overall is not bad. The mother reveal could result in some interesting stuff down the line. Hopefully, we get more backstory soon. I enjoyed Trish breaking bad and Jeri being sneaky. But that Oscar/Jessica sex scene in the paint, that was a thing. I can’t believe they did that. It’s the worst. No one has sex in paint. No one. Out of all of the ridiculous stuff in all of these Netflix shows, Iron Fist’s dragon, the entirety of the second half Luke season one, that scene was the most unbelievable.

The Verdict: three out of four surprise reveals.

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