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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Review, Episode 4: ‘AKA God Help the Hobo’

Jessica Jones MCU
Jessica Jones MCU

I would pay good money for an all Marvel group therapy short film with Jessica Jones, The Hulk, Drax, and The Punisher. This episode gives us the next best thing. After assaulting Pryce Cheng, Jessica’s forced to go to her court-mandated anger management session. It doesn’t go well. For Jessica or her support group.

After nabbing a picture of the mysterious superwoman claiming to be Dr. Hansen, Jessica and Trish go sleuthing around New York’s top-tier wig shop after they realize their mystery woman is wearing a rug. With the intel provided by the wig shop owner and a now homeless nurse, Inez Green, we find out that our mystery woman was a cancer patient of IGH, who permanently scarred Inez and killed another nurse.

She’s shaping up to be a potent villain for Jessica but then she violently murders Pryce Cheng’s henchman after he tries to steal all of Jessica’s IGH research. Why she did this is anyone’s guess. I don’t have the feeling that the mystery woman was doing this to benefit Jessica. After the super-powered murder, Jessica is naturally the suspect and is quickly hauled off to jail.

Thankfully this episode devotes a decent amount of time to Oscar the building Super. Oh, boy. His son decides it’d be a great idea to almost fall out of a window in Jessica’s apartment. At first, Oscar is mad at Jessica for what I’m not quite sure. It’s not like Jessica pushed the kid. Oscar comes around later to thank Jessica for saving his son. It’s pretty clear they’re attracted to each other but after some passionate kissing, Jess tries to have one of her patented meaningless hookups. But Oscar’s not about to be another notch on Jessica’s bedpost. Oh, no. He leaves the scene.

Good for him? Probably. We’ll have to wait and see.

In contrast, Trish’s love life seems like it’s going as well as can be. But right when you think it’s all going to be sunshine and roses, Griffin talks a secret phone call while Trish is out of the room. Combined with his poking around Trish’s computer last episode I’ve got a nagging suspicion that he’s up to something. I knew he was too suave and British to NOT be a bad guy.

Regardless if Griffin’s secretly evil or not, Trish is shaping up to be formidable enough for just about any opponent. Taking a hit off of Will Simpson’s strength-enhancing inhaler, Trish almost killed Inez Green when she and Jessica go to interrogate her and ended up flipping on the cops that arrested Jessica. While striving to be in control, Trish runs the risk of really losing it.

Jeri’s also on the verge of losing control of everything. While her storyline is the most gut-wrenching it’s also extremely watchable. After failing to find any miracle treatment for her ALS, Jeri starts to consider assisted suicide. Last season Jeri was instrumental in Hope getting an abortion in prison so it’s kind of fitting that they’re using the character again to explore some of these contentious issues.

The episode, while decent, kind of slogged on. I feel like this was a building episode and hopefully, the groundwork it laid will pay off sooner than later. The IGH mystery, while interesting, is going to have to become more compelling. We’ve all seen a number of different evil organizations create super people before.

The Verdict: Two out of four wigs

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