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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Review, Episode 5: ‘AKA The Octopus’

“A 600 lb octopus can fit through a hole the size of a quarter.”

That is both a fun fact and an apt description of what Jessica is going to have to do. As is her habit, Jessica finds herself in a tight spot, thrown in jail after being framed for the murder of Cheng’s associate. Like the episode’s titular animal, the octopus, Jessica proves ever versatile getting out of her predicament. With some prodding from Jeri, Jessica gets out of her hole by telling the police everything she knows, a refreshingly smart choice by our self-destructive heroine.

But Jeri still isn’t all about helping others. She’s still Jeri. The ever devious lawyer remains committed to her own survival, housing Inez Green, supposedly to protect her from the killer. Desperate to find a cure for her ALS, Jeri asks the former IGH nurse for information about the shadowy groups’ miraculous medical procedures. I don’t think anybody can blame her. But based off of last year’s shenanigans with Kilgrave, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got hurt in her quest to save herself.

Trish’s storyline takes a darker turn. Declining Griffin’s engagement and continuing to huff from the late Will Simpson’s super inhaler. As alluded to none too subtlely by Trish’s Mom, Trish has a history of drug use. And she’s looking she’s found a new favorite.

I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed with the fact that Griffin is a good guy. I think Griffin could have gone down as a decent British baddie, but him turning heel would have been too predictable in lieu of Simpson’s villainous turn last season. But with the way Trish is going, maybe she’ll be the new Simpson? Will Jessica have to step in and put a stop to Trish’s burgeoning addiction?

“The Octopus” is a bit muddled in its pacing. Overall the story momentum seems to be content to just slowly hum along. Thankfully it ends on a cliffhanger, as Jessica tracks down IGH associate and octopus aficionado “Dr. Karl” at the aquarium, where there’s a woman on his arm. And wouldn’t you know it’s our Mystery Murder Lady.

Thanks to her we are treated to the most intense piano practice ever. Also, I appreciate her commitment to burning evidence. Bloody clothes, piano parts? Chuck em’ in the fire pit out behind her house. It cleanses all.

Verdict: two out of four octopi

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