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“Jesus Christ, really that was him?”: Joe Rogan Embarrassed Himself After Failing to Recognize Colin Farrell in The Batman After Claiming He Didn’t Know EEBAFTA Winner Barry Keoghan

“Jesus Christ, really that was him?”: Joe Rogan Embarrassed Himself After Failing to Recognize Colin Farrell in The Batman After Claiming He Didn’t Know EEBAFTA Winner Barry Keoghan

The Batman is one of the most positively taken DCU movies in recent years, which features Robert Pattinson as Batman. The movie was written by Matt Reeves and went on to become one of the highest-earning films of 2022. The movie received mixed reactions from the critics but it was loved by the fans.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

The movie also become a topic of conversation on the Joe Rogan Experience, where the podcaster was joined by Brendan Schaub talking about the costumes and villains of the movie. Joe Rogan believed that every cast member apart from Robert Pattinson was unknown to him. He was flustered when he was told that Colin Farrell was the actor portraying the Penguin.

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Joe Rogan Fails to Recognise Colin Farrell 

While discussing the movie in the show, Joe Rogan points out that one of the best things about the new Batman movie is that apart from Robert Pattinson, they decided to cast unknown actors whose names were unknown to the audience. Joe Rogan gave an instance of the Penguin, and Schaub immediately points out that he’s Colin Farrell, and the host was taken aback when he saw Farrell’s makeup.

images 1.jpeg 11
Colin Farrell as Penguin

“I like how most of the people were like people that you don’t know their name yes you know other than Robert Pattinson most of the people were people you don’t know like you don’t know the penguin’s name but…” Brendan Schaub interrupted this, saying, “that’s Colin Farrell” “Jesus Christ really not nuts you know what I actually knew that I forgot it that’s how good he is right. Oh my God, the makeup is incredible,” says Joe Rogan.

Colin Farrell’s role as Penguin stole the show, the Irish actor nailed the performance and many critics believe that he is the best live-action Penguin till date.

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What did Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub like about the movie?

While discussing the movie in the show, Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub were talking about the positive aspects of it, and how the costumes were realistic. They also talked about how scary and realistic the Riddler was in the movie. However, all of the villains would be compared to the Joker, but the best aspect of the movie was the build-up of the characters, which makes the villain origin of the characters in the movie believable. Joe Rogan said,

“I thought it was the best one…I’m-I say that and I need to go to like watch other ones, again. You know, like with fresh eyes like sometimes when something is good, you’re watching it, yeah, oh this is pretty good. The costumes are a little wack, [Catwoman] she barely covered her face [Catwoman’s mask] a little tiny thing across her nose. The Riddler was scary as sh*t, like with the glasses.”

images 2.jpeg 12
A still from The Batman

“The problem with all those movies is you compare them all against the Joker, and the Joker movie was so f*cking good and so creepy like and-and you know…”

Brendan Schaub interrupted, saying, “like Heath Ledger.”

Joe Rogan then went on to say,

“No, the recent one, with, uh with Joaquin Phoenix, that Joker is so good but it’s so creepy and such a good movie Todd Philips has f*cking nailed the movie and so did Joaquin Phoenix is crazy as f*ck, he’s so good, he must be insane, he must like an absolute insane person, he’s so good, there’s no way he could be that good, playing an insane person. The point is like that movie is so goddamn good.”

Joe Rogan is quite right because every time we see the Joker in a Batman movie, we often compare it to Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, however, in Matt Reeves’ Batman, the Riddler has done a killer job being the villain.

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Matt Reeves’ The Batman can be streamed on HBO Max.

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