Jewelry Bonney’s Motivation to Eat a Devil Fruit was Surprisingly Similar to One Piece’s Most Iconic Character

Jewelry Bonney's Reason for Eating a Devil Fruit Was Similar to Luffy's Motivation for Eating a Devil Druit.

Jewelry Bonney’s Motivation to Eat a Devil Fruit was Surprisingly Similar to One Piece’s Most Iconic Character


  • In the final saga of One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates are delving into the Egghead arc and learning a great deal about the world and its many mysteries.
  • But one of the most intriguing revelations in the most recent chapters of the manga was Bonney's reasoning for consuming the devil fruit.
  • Her reasoning for eating the devil fruit was, in a strange way, quite similar to that of the series' protagonist, Luffy.
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One Piece is in its final saga as the Straw Hat Pirates are in the Egghead arc uncovering a lot of truths about the world and the various mysteries. The other character that is also present on Egghead who has a significant role in the series is Jewelry Bonney. The instances of the Egghead arc revealed a lot of details about the character and also her father Bartholomew Kuma.


The story has revealed her and her father’s past which came out to be a big twist for the entire series. The manga has also revealed her devil fruit powers and what she can do with her devil fruit abilities. Her devil fruit has been revealed to be one of the strongest devil fruits in the One Piece world.

Jewelry Bonny is the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma
Jewelry Bonny and Bartholomew Kuma

However, one of the most interesting things that the manga’s latest chapters revealed was Bonney’s motivation to eat the devil fruit, which in a way was surprisingly similar to the protagonist of the series, Luffy’s motivation for eating a devil fruit.


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Bonney’s Motivation to Eat the Devil Fruit

In the One Piece recent manga chapters it is revealed that Bonney gets diagnosed with the same disease as her mother, the sapphire scale. Kuma decides to visit many doctors and physicians all over the world to find out about the disease and possibly find a cure for his daughter.

However, in the midst of all of this, he had to fight a battle against King Becori to save the Sorbet Kingdom which he later wins. This was the time when Bonney ate the devil fruit and started running around as a fully grown adult of around 22 years of age. Bonney decided to run laps to increase her stamina for when she turned ten.

Jewelry Bonney in One Piece
Jewelry Bonney in One Piece

She wants to strengthen her body and endurance so that when the time comes, she can embark on a journey to explore the world with her father, Kuma, as he has promised. This is quite similar to Luffy’s motivation as a child to become a pirate and explore the world with Shanks.

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Luffy’s Motivation to Eat the Devil Fruit

Bonney’s motivation to eat the devil fruit to travel the world and explore it with her father is quite similar to Luffy’s. In the initial episodes of One Piece, when Luffy’s past was shown, it was revealed that he met Shanks when he was a kid and wanted to explore the world along with him as a Pirate. However, Shanks pointed out that he was not ready to set sail which made him angry and he incidently found the box of his devil fruit and decided to eat it, giving him the powers and abilities that eventually made him a Yonko.

Luffy Eating the Devil Fruit
Luffy Eating the Devil Fruit

Both character’s motivation is quite similar to eating a devil’s fruit. Both of them want to explore the world and learn more about it thus establishing a connection between Bonney and Luffy.

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