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Jim Carrey Chose $25M Payday To Co-Star With Morgan Freeman Over $4.5B Johnny Depp Franchise

Jim Carrey Chose $25M Payday To Co-Star With Morgan Freeman Over $4.5B Johnny Depp Franchise

When conversations about comedy and humor in the Hollywood industry take place, there is a very small chance that the name Jim Carrey will be missed out on. Known to be the best of the best when it comes to his slapstick humor and highly-expressive nature of comedy, the star has a reputation that rivals none.

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey

And while he may have transitioned to more grave and mature roles as his career progressed, no one can forget the way he made the entire world laugh through his performances. This, in turn, made him millions across large paydays for his contributions to the films he was part of. But if he had taken this role in the $4.5 Billion franchise, he might’ve become one of the richest stars in the industry.

Jim Carrey Declined The Offer To Become Part Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean!

Jim Carrey in a still from Bruce Almighty
Jim Carrey in a still from Bruce Almighty

Being one of the most popular and loved actors in the world, Jim Carrey upholds his reputation to bring smiles to the faces of the people that flock to the cinemas for his films. And to do that, he has gone through many hardships and trials to deliver what the audience demanded. As a result of his popularity, he was a highly sought-after talent for many projects, which became one of the factors that led to Carrey declining a highly lucrative offer from Disney.

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Before Johnny Depp was cast as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow of The Black Pearl, Jerry Bruckheimer was very keen on employing The Mask star as the protagonist of the critically, as well as commercially acclaimed series. The only issue here was the fact that at the same time, Carrey was shooting for Bruce Almighty, also featuring Morgan Freeman.

Thus, with scheduling issues, along with the fact that he was heavily invested in the script of the film at the time and working with the Shawshank Redemption star, he declined the offer by Disney.

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What Was Bruce Almighty About?

Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman in a still from Bruce Almighty
Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman in a still from Bruce Almighty

The reason why Carrey was so keen on the script of Bruce Almighty was very simple- to find what would happen if a person became God one day. The film follows the life of Bruce Nolan, a TV Reporter who is down on his luck and complains about all his shortcomings to God. Then one day, when he’s at his worst, God, in the form of Morgan Freeman, descends from Heaven and gives him the choice to take the role of the almighty to see just how well he can handle it.

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Bruce Almighty, streaming on Prime Video.

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