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Jim’s 10 Best Pranks on Dwight

One of the best aspects of The Office, is the constant pranks Jim does to his co-worker Dwight. Jim never fails to come up with hilarious ways to torment Dwight during work, and we can’t help but appreciate the amount of effort Jim goes through to make us laugh. We will be taking a look at ten of the best pranks Jim has pulled on Dwight throughout the series run. While Dwight has had his fair share of calculated pranks on Jim, they are not nearly as often as Jim’s.


Stapler in Jell-O (The Pilot Season 1, Episode 1)


Our first entry comes from the very first episode of The Office, and the introduction to Dwight Schrute. As Michael gives the new temp a tour around the office and introduces him to Dwight. As Dwight explains the details of his car to Ryan, he reaches inside his desk to find his stapler incased in Jell-O. Simply just the beginning of what is to come. I am interested in knowing what else Jim has put in Jell-O, or the entire process of it.


Putting Dwight’s Desk in the Bathroom (The Fight Season 2, Episode 6)


When Dwight comes into work, he finds his desk is missing. As Jim attempts to help him by recommending he “retrace his steps” he then tells Dwight when he is colder or warmer to finding his desk. It turns out to have been moved into the staff bathroom. Instead of starting to remove it from the restroom, he answers his ringing phone and begins to work. Just as Kevin is exiting a stall.


Filling Dwight’s Phone with Nickels (Conflict Resolution Season 2, Episode 21)

Dwight finally manages to sit down with Michael and Jim to go over all the complaints he has made about Jim over the years. While we could have put any of the many pranks Jim does on this list. We decided to go with the time Jim consistently put quarters in Dwight’s phone until he got use to the weight and then remove them all at once, forcing Dwight to hit himself in the head with the phone.


Bill Buttlicker (Customer Survey Season 5, Episode 7)

When Michael decides to assist Jim and Dwight with their customer services skills, he roleplays a demonstration of Dwight as the salesman and Jim as the customer. Dwights attitude begins to change when he asks who the man is, and Jim responds “Bill Buttlicker”. Bill asks Dwight consistently to speak up, to the point Dwight is shouting at the top of his lungs. Now Michael must save the sale, at the cost of firing Dwight.


Pavlov’s Dog (Phyllis’ Wedding Season 3, Episode 15)

Jim explains the scientific experiment of Pavlov’s Dog, which was a theory that someone can be conditioned to react a specific way when hearing a specific sound. Jim choses to use the chime his computer makes when it boots up, giving him an altoid whenever he hears the sound. To the point where Dwight automatically expects an altoid when he hears the sound.


Asian Jim (Andy’s Ancestry Season 9, Episode 3)

Jim shows up to work, but doesn’t quite look like Jim. Randall Park guest stars as an actor friend of Jim and Pam’s, who comes into work impersonating Jim. To the point where he knows all of Jim’s work information and even goes as far as having a picture of both of them with babies that look like Asian Jim. Convincing Dwight that this guy is the real Jim.


Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica (Product Recall Season 3, Episode 20)

Jim comes into work dressed as Dwight, from the mustard colored shirt to the parted in the middle haircut. Jim also comes equipped with a bobble head and glasses just like Dwights. Managing to copy even his speech pattern and vocabulary Dwight uses. Later on, Dwight attempts to pull the same prank and does it fairly well, but not as good as Jims.


Gaydar Detector (Gay Witch Hunt Season 3, Episode 1)

When the crew is on the hunt for who might be gay in the office, Jim explains to Dwight a device known as the Gaydar Detector. Later Dwight receives a package in the mail from Jim and attempts to use it on Oscar, he waves a metal detector wand over Oscar’s pants to hear it beep. When it does, Dwight assumes it is working fine, unaware it is a basic metal detector going off on Oscars belt buckle. Dwight then accidently waves across his pants to hear it go off again.


Jim is a Vampire (Business School Season 3, Episode 16)

After a bat gets into the office, Jim claims to have been bit by it. Jim begins to start acting as if he is physically changing and showing characteristics to a vampire. Sensitive to light, strange body temperature, uncomfortable around crosses. Dwight even goes as far as asking Creed for helping on making a wooden stake in case he has to battle Vampire Jim.


CIA Operative (A Benihana Christmas Season 3, Episode 10)

Pam has been sending Dwight fake letters from the CIA, and as a Christmas gift she is allowing Jim to determine Dwight’s top secret mission. Dwight later receives his final letter, informing him that a helicopter will be arriving on the roof of the building to pick him and take him to CIA Headquarters for training.

Written by David Moya

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