Joaquin Phoenix May be Still So in Character He Walked Out of His Own Movie Screening

Critics praised Phoenix's portrayal of Napoleon, but it seems that the actor may still be immersed in his character.

Joaquin Phoenix May be Still So in Character He Walked Out of His Own Movie Screening


  • Joaquin Phoenix, known for his performance in films such as "Her" and "Joker," walked out of the premiere of his upcoming historical epic "Napoleon".
  • Despite stunning audiences with his performance in the film, Phoenix left the premiere before it even started.
  • The movie, directed by Ridley Scott, is set to be released on November 22, 2023.
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Working with Ridley Scott in his upcoming historical epic Napoleon, Joaquin Phoenix reprised the lead role of the famous French emperor. Preparing to stun his audiences with his performance in the movie, Phoenix appeared at the world premiere in Paris.

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Joaquin Phoenix in and as Napoleon
Joaquin Phoenix

However, shockingly Joaquin Phoenix was said to have walked out of the premiere. Instead of giving interviews to reporters on the red carpet, the actor simply posed alongside Vanessa Kirby. Later on, it was reported that the actor left the premiere of his own movie. It seems Phoenix is yet to get rid of his character. 


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Joaquin Phoenix Walked Out Of Napoleon Premiere

Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix has a new movie coming to cinemas. Following the global success of Her and Joker, the actor recently appeared in Ridley Scott’s historical epic Napoleon. Playing the lead role of the Corsican soldier turned French Emperor, Phoenix yet again stunned his viewers. 

Napoleon (2023)

But surprisingly, during the world premiere of Napoleon in Paris, on 14 November 2023, Joaquin Phoenix walked out of his own movie. Simply posing alongside Vanessa Kirby and not giving any interviews to reporters on the red carpet, Phoenix was spotted reportedly leaving the theatre before the film started screening. 


Addressing Joaquin Phoenix’s alleged exit, executive editor of international at Variety, Elsa Keslassy tweeted that, although the actor walked out of his own movie, he perhaps couldn’t exit his character. Still, very much in the role of Napoleon, Phoenix probably left the premiere for this sole reason. 

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Critics Celebrated Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix’s Work 

While Joaquin Phoenix reportedly walked out of the Napoleon premiere without watching his performance, the actor was unanimously hailed by critics after the screening. Variety‘s Peter Debruge celebrated Ridley Scott‘s direction and visual storytelling while praising the actor for his prolific performance. 

Joaquin Phoenix in and as Napoleon
Joaquin Phoenix reportedly walked out of Napoleon’s premiere

It’s not often that a filmmaker manages to deliver an image of war that audiences haven’t seen before, and this early example sets a high bar.” 

Further, Peter Bradshaw, a critic for The Guardian, was taken aback by Joaquin Phoenix’s screen presence and the oddly satisfying, charismatic portrayal of the military tactician. 

Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby
Phoenix was hailed by critics for his performance in the lead role

For Phoenix, he is the arch satirist and grinning mastermind, the outsider, the brilliant observer and exploiter of other people’s weaknesses, the proto-capitalist entrepreneur, grabbing power, boosting confidence, bolstering the printed paper money. Later people might be nicknamed the Napoleon of Crime, but Phoenix’s Napoleon is already that.” 

Although Phoenix walked out of his premiere, Napoleon was admired by critics. It is believed that the actors as well as Ridley Scott are likely to be in the running for further praises and accolades. 

Napoleon releases in cinemas on 22 November 2023. 


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