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Joaquin Phoenix Wins SAG Award For Joker

Joaquin Phoenix JOKER

The clown prince of crime seems to be unstoppable as Joaquin Phoenix nabbed another award today for Best Actor in the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.

It is no secret that last year was a great year for film with many men and women being nominated for awards that commend their acting. The standout among them seems to be Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix as he offered a new take on the classic DC comics villain.

The actor received unanimous praise for his skills, which, of course, led to various nominations at award shows this year. 

Joker guild award
Joaquin Phoenix at the 2020 Guild Awards.

Phoenix himself has already received a Golden Globe a few weeks ago and now has bagged another award-winning as Phoenix won Best Actor for the screen actors guild awards.

This is a massive achievement in the career of Joaquin Phoenix, as this is the first time he won a Screen Actor’s Guild Award. The actor was nominated for previous films like Walk The Line and Gladiator, but he has never won for the Screen Actor’s Guild. 

It’s made even more impressive since Phoenix was up against some solid competition with seasoned actors such as Christian Bale (Ford v Ferrari), Adam Driver (Marriage Story), Leonardo Dicaprio (Once upon a time in Hollywood), and Taron Egerton (Rocketman).  

Despite Phoenix-winning all these awards, it is unclear if he will still win the biggest one. Phoenix has been nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards and given his previous wins, and it is possible he has a good chance at winning the Oscar.

Joaquin phoenix oscar

However, there is still a vast variety of actors as Phoenix’s competition is quite impressive. For Best Actor at the Academy Awards, Phoenix will go up against Leonardo Di Caprio, Adam Driver, Antonio Banderas, and Jonathan Pryce. With all these great actors, the results are uncertain.

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Fans of Joker and DC can only hope that the actor will win best actor for the academy. If Phoenix succeeds he will be the second actor to win in a comic book movie and the second actor to win for the portrayal of Joker. Fans can only hope he wins and based on the previous nominations he does have a high chance.

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