Nicolas Cage’s Joe Exotic: Netflix Tiger King Prequel Picked Up By Amazon

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A new show based on Joe Exotic, one of the primary characters of Netflix’s documentary-series Tiger King, will soon be hitting Amazon Prime’s streaming platform. Netflix’s Tiger King hit the small screens this March and it became an overnight sensation. The series based on true crime events explored the life and rimes of tiger breeders and their illegal activities as well as the attempts by conservationists to derail their operations. Joe Exotic, was the epicenter of all attraction in the docu-series. To bank on the success of the character’s popularity, Amazon Prime has swept in to rope in Nicolas Cage to star in a scripted series based on the titular character.


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The one heading the project is none other than Dan Lagana. The production companies associated with the new project will be CBS Television Studios, Imagine Television Studios, and of course Amazon Studios. Paul Young and Brian Grazer will also be lending a hand. The series will also have Dan Lagan as a co-writer. The as of yet untitled show will focus on the life of exotic Zookeeper Joe Shreibvogel, who will be portrayed by Nicolas Cage. Cage’s character will be seen fighting tooth and nail to keep his zoo running. As the show goes on, Shreibvogel will start to realize that the battle he is fighting will eventually end up in an ultimatum: he will have to choose between his beloved creatures and his slipping sanity.


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One of the many highlights of the show will be the attempt by the series to show us how Schreibvogel became Joe Exotic, the eccentric zoo-keeper and the prime attraction of Netflix’s Tiger King.

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After Exotic became hugely popular in the major states of the United States, especially Texas, Dan Lagan and Paul Young pitched the show to CBS in June of last year. When the series was revealed to be up for grabs in the month of May next year, Amazon was one of the front runners to get the streaming rights to the project.

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The original Tiger King series followed the life of Joe Shreibvogel as he went from living the life of a prominent zookeeper to a life behind bars. The docu-series was phenomenally successful, gaining more than 30 Million viewers in a short span of a mere 10 days. Joe Exotic is in prison as of now. He was convicted of playing a role in the attempted murder of Big Cat Rescue Founder Carole Baskin. In the series, Baskin was the rival and nemesis of Joe Shreibvogel.


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The Nicolas Cage starrer Joe Exotic show is not the only spin-off project based on the Tiger King series. A while ago, reports confirmed that NBC Universal has also picked up a project that will explore Carole Baskin’s life, played by none other than Kate McKinnon. The show has an acting power house in the form of Cage. With the backing of Amazon, it will surely manage to replicate the success of the original series.

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Baskin and Exotic are pretty much household names now, courtesy of Netflix’s Tiger King’s immense popularity. It will take time for Netflix to launch another season of Tiger King. So the fans of the docu-series will be able to feast their eyes on the upcoming Joe Exotic project for the time-being, Netflix’s most unexpected and unpredictable break-out sensation.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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