Joe Manganiello’s Age Gap With Much Younger Girlfriend Will Rattle Fans, is Almost the Same Age as Sofia Vergara’s Son

Joe Manganiello's girlfriend's age will leave fans shocked as she is almost as old as Sofia Vergara's son Manolo.

Joe Manganiello's Age Gap With Much Younger Girlfriend Will Rattle Fans, is Almost the Same Age as Sofia Vergara's Son


  • Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello used to be one of the most iconic couples in the entertainment industry.
  • However, ever since their divorce, Manganiello seems to have moved on pretty fast with his much younger girlfriend, Caitlin O'Connor.
  • Despite her being as old as her son Manolo, Vergara is unfazed by her ex-husband's new relationship.
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It was an absolute shocker for the many fans of Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello when they broke their marriage of seven years. Considered one of the It Couples in the entertainment industry, they went their separate ways last year and only had their divorce finalized this year.

Joe Manganiello in the Magic Mike films
Joe Manganiello (image via the Magic Mike films)

While Vergara seems to be enjoying her single life, Manganiello has moved on with his new girlfriend, Caitlin O’Connor. But what is baffling and would absolutely rattle fans is that the Spider-Man star’s new girlfriend is almost as old as Vergara’s son Manolo Vergara.

Joe Manganiello’s new Girlfriend is as Old as Sofia Vergara’s Son

Manganiello's (R) new girlfriend (L) (image via their instagrams @caitlin__oconnor & @joemanganiello)
Manganiello’s (L) new girlfriend (R) (image via their Instagram @caitlin__oconnor & @joemanganiello)

Joe Manganiello and the Colombian-American actress, Sofia Vergara were together for almost 10 years and married for 7. Their relationship was apparently seen as perfect and fans considered them among the top It Couples in Hollywood.


Yet everything came crashing done when they went their separate ways last year in July, apparently since Vergara did not want any kids while Manganiello did (via El País). While both seem to be happy and have long since moved on, the Spider-Man star seems to be taking things a bit too fast. Although fans aren’t too bothered about that, they might be baffled over his new girlfriend’s age.

In a relationship with the American actress, host, and model, Caitlin O’Connor (see Radar Online), Manganiello’s new flame is 34 years old while he is 47. Not only do they have an age difference of 13 years, but O’Connor is also almost the same age as Vergara’s son from her first marriage, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, who is 32 years old currently.

While a huge age gap might be looked down upon by many in society, it is not as uncommon in the film industry and even Vergara is 4 years older than her second ex-husband. However, at the end of the day, love apparently knows no bounds and we sincerely hope Manganiello’s new relationship is one without an expiration date.


Sofia Vergara is Not Bothered By Ex-Husband Joe Manganiello’s New Romance

Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara | IG)
Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara | IG)

While her ex-husband Joe Manganiello might be moving on too fast seeing that he has already started living under the same roof with his new girlfriend, Sofia Vergara is not bothered at all. Enjoying her single life, the Modern Family actress has been having fun and is truly focused on navigating her new life.

As per an insider, via ET Online, the actress is having fun and doing her thing. She’s not looking to be tied down. Surrounding herself with her family and friends, the actress is enjoying focusing on her professional and personal life and is excited to be in control of her life.

As for her ex, the actress wishes him the best and is not at all fazed by his relationship with a much younger Caitlin O’Connor. However, as for her romantic life, the actress was recently linked with a sports medicine-focused orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Justin Saliman.


As both, Manganiello and Vergara navigate their new romantic lives, we hope they find a different and happy ending than the usual Hollywood script of multiple breakups and divorces.


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