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Joe Rogan Hints Chris Hemsworth is On Steroids But Gives Props to Him Anyway

Joe Rogan Hints Chris Hemsworth is On Steroids But Gives Props to Him Anyway

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is jam-packed because of the upcoming Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder in which our favorite star will be seen as his lead character Thor exploring inner peace but getting to act as a greater threat is eliminating the gods from the universe.

 Chris Hemsworth
Australian Actor Chris Hemsworth

While Thor, the God of Thunder is a very strong character with good muscular strength, the star Chris Hemsworth who plays the character also seems to work equally hard to justify his role. Hemsworth is a fitness enthusiast who works extremely hard to get into the shape that is needed by the character. Though, this is common as every actor has to change themselves according to their roles but Hemsworth who plays Thor has always been appreciated for maintaining his character.

Thor is The Hottest Guy, According To Podcaster Joe Rogan

Chris Hemsworth
Joe Rogan considers Chris Hemsworth ‘hottest guy’

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During Avengers: Endgame, Thor was seen quite out of shape but from the trailers of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, he is seen exercising to re-attain the old muscular and fit body he was previously in. The Thunder God seems to resemble Hemsworth’s personality a lot of reason behind it is quite simple, both of them have a strong will to achieve something and they keep doing it.

Recently, American Podcaster Joe Rogan talked about the MCU Star telling how he works so hard to maintain his body which everyone dreams of. Rogan appeared as a guest on comedian Andrew Schulz’s and Akaash Singh’s podcast “Flagrant 2” and was asked, “Who’s the hottest guy?” 

He replied with, “Thor” adding “You can’t get that big without immense amounts of hard work, There’s no way!”

He went on to add, “Sure, USADA’s not knocking on Chris Hemsworth’s door”, hinting that the Thor actor couldn’t have gotten that big alone on steroids and supplements.

A Sneak-Peak To Upcoming Movie Starring Chris Hemsworth

Thor 4 starring Chris Hemsworth
Thor: Love and Thunder 

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Chris Hemsworth usually posts his workouts on Instagram, sharing his fitness routine to show the inordinate amount of effort he put on for the upcoming Marvel sequel Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor 4 is directed by Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor alongside Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Jaimie Alexander, Russell Crowe, and Natalie Portman.

Thor: Love and Thunder will thunder into theatres on July 8.

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