Johan Pilestedt Should Listen to 1 Helldivers 2 Idea that’ll Quickly Fix the Community’s Issue with the Resource Cap and Offer Mission Variety at the Same Time

More requisition, means more stratagems, means more explosions.

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  • Gamer finds a new use for requisition funds, but sadly, it may never exist.
  • Helldivers 2 players beg for more content to use their well-earned currency on.
  • Currently, players feel underpowered against the threats in the galaxy.
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Helldivers 2 is an incredibly popular game that has players liberating the galaxy around the clock, whether it be from an alien infestation or the rise of robotic overlords, but due to this constant grind, players have begun to hit the ceiling with the game’s content and want more options to use their currency on.


One player has brought up one potentially good idea for Arrowhead Game Studios that could hopefully rectify the issue of constantly reaching the maximum amount of requisition funds that a player is able to earn.

Helldivers 2 Players Have All This Money but Nowhere to Spend It

Helldivers 2 could benefit from one simple feature for requisition funds.
Helldivers 2 could benefit from one simple feature for requisition funds.

One of the more common issues high-level players are having with Helldivers 2 is constantly reaching the limit of requisitions they are able to hold after a certain number of missions are completed. For those who do not know, requisitions are essentially the game’s currency.


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After so many hours of playing, most gamers will eventually acquire all of the different stratagems that can be bought through the requisition currency, leaving them with no other option than to hoard this seemingly useless currency.

However, one Reddit user took to the site to detail a new use that Arrowhead Game Studios could implement, which would provide a bonus to missions. Sadly, the Reddit thread has now been deleted at the time of writing, but the idea is still a worthwhile cause to push for.


According to the Reddit user, a potential use for the requisition currency could be to purchase a 5th stratagem slot for players to use within their missions. This would allow players to bring in more options and survive a lot easier within the never-ending war that is Helldivers 2.

People Who Say Money Can’t Buy Happiness Haven’t Bought an Orbital Laser

Gamers beg for more uses for currency in Helldivers 2.
Gamers beg for more uses for currency in Helldivers 2.

One of the biggest draws of this potential idea from Reddit is the fact that it may not just be an idea for stratagems, as it can be implemented for all kinds of features within the Helldivers 2 systems.

For example, this idea could also be used to potentially provide players with a second primary weapon slot if purchased by requisition funds, allowing them to carry two primary weapons, a secondary weapon, and even a stratagem weapon if they so please.


Understandably, this is less likely than being able to carry a 5th stratagem into the warfront, as players will likely be slowed down by the sheer number of weapons, they are carrying on their back, but it would provide players even more options to take down the threats that plague the galaxy.

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that this feature will make its way onto Helldivers 2, as Arrowhead Game Studios likely has plenty of other content to work on and could potentially have even better ideas for the work, but for many players, this would likely make the battles a whole lot easier and more fun to play.

What do you think about this potential idea for Helldivers 2? Would you like to carry more stratagems at the cost of requisition funds? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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