John Cena Finds Himself in an Ugly Spot as Logan Paul Insults Dwayne Johnson With a Nasty Joke

Ahead of potential The Rock vs. Roman Reigns match at WrestleMania 40, John Cena was speechless after the United States Champion Logan Paul insulted The Rock.

John Cena Finds Himself in an Ugly Spot as Logan Paul Insults Dwayne Johnson With a Nasty Joke


  • John Cena was speechless when Logan Paul insulted Dwayne Johnson upon his WWE return.
  • Dwayne Johnson returned to WWE in the 1st January episode of Monday Night RAW.
  • The People's Champion immediately challenged his cousin Roman Reigns upon his return.
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Since Triple H took over the WWE creatives, the company regained much-needed strength. The Game knows what’s best for business as he went on to the extent of bringing CM Punk after nine years despite the wrestler having a nasty history with the company. Last year, WWE fans also witnessed the return of John Cena and Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson and John Cena
Dwayne Johnson and John Cena. Credit: WWE

As the new year begins, The Rock returned to the Monday Night RAW on the first day of 2024. The return signified a heavy spotlight as his announcement revealed that the superstar is going after the elusive Roman Reigns to put an end to his legendary title reign. Cena who recently appeared on Logan Paul’s podcast found himself in an awkward situation as Paul made a joke about The Rock.

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John Cena Found Himself In A Weird Situation While Discussing The Rock

John Cena and Logan Paul
John Cena and Logan Paul. Credit: Impulsive podcast/X

Recently, John Cena appeared on WWE’s United States Champion Logan Paul’s Impulsive Podcast and amid the conversation, Paul asked the 16-time WWE World Champion if he followed Dwayne Johnson’s recent WWE return. “So, you saw The Rock’s return recently?” Paul asked. Cena immediately replied that he did. Right after Paul insulted The Rock with a joke, “When he was out there when he said, ‘you think I should sit at the head of the table,’ do you think he had that line written on his wrist?”

The joke was a clear reference to the iconic Cena and Rock rivalry in the February 28th, 2012 episode of RAW when the former exposed the People’s champion who was accused of writing notes on his wrist during his segment. Cena took the incident to level with The Rock, one of the greatest on-mic. 

The Cena-Rock feud was certainly one of the biggest rivalries at WWE. However, the duo seemed to have settled their disputes as their 2023 return showed backstage hugging indicating that the duo may never confront each other in the ring. Now, with Paul’s joke, Cena found himself in an awkward spot as a mild chuckle appeared on his face.


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Future of The Rock At WWE

Dwayne Johnson made a surprising WWE return
Dwayne Johnson made a surprising WWE return. Credit: WWE

For The Game, bringing his contemporary stars, even temporarily, means good business. As WrestleMania 40 is approaching, the Triple H is keen on an elevated storyline to make the pay-per-view event spectacular. While the fans were expecting Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and LA Knight to climb the ladder to confront the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, The Rock’s return has altered the speculation game. Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

Johnson hasn’t been a regular in the arena since 2013 as the wrestler forged his successful career as an actor in Hollywood while making occasional appearances in WWE. The Rock’s teased match with his cousin could happen at WrestleMania 40, but will he dethrone Reigns? 


That is rather a tricky question, WWE is obsessed with keeping the supreme belts with the Tribal Chief. Other contenders including Brock Lesnar were seen in heavy feuds being the rivals of the Bloodline but the title remained with the Champion. So, it is unlikely that The Rock would beat his cousin as Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso may intervene helping Reigns to secure his title again. Still, if The Rock vs. The Tribal Chief happens, it would be a spectacle and a treat for fans.


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