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John Cena Open To Playing Captain America

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s success in Hollywood has inspired a lot of WWE stars to try their hands at Hollywood. The names include The Miz, Stone Cold Steve Austin and none other than our very own John Cena. Some eight years ago, John Cena slammed The Rock for ditching WWE and moving to Hollywood. But it seems like John Cena is following the same path.

Cena has already worked in a few Hollywood movies which include Train Wreck, Daddy’s Home and Ferdinand. And now, he is about to play the main villain in upcoming Transformer spinoff, Bumblebee. However, it seems like Cena has got much bigger plans ahead of himself.

The entire universe was crying when Chris Evans bid farewell to his role as Steve Rogers/Captain America. A couple of weeks later, John Cena posted an Instagram Image of Captain America’s shield. This ignited the rumours that John Cena might be Marvel’s pick to assume the mantle of Captain America.

When John was asked what he thinks of these rumours in the latest episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, he said that he is highly excited if something like that comes up. He said that it is going to be a challenge, but he is ready to accept it.

His cheeky response gave the audience a hint that Cena himself doesn’t see any probability of that happening. But here’s the fun fact, prior to Chris Evans being cast as Captain America, a lot of fans were actually suggesting John Cena’s name for the role because of his physical resemblance to the comic book character.

Written by Kishan Jhunjhunwala

A Mechanical Engineer from India deployed in Heavy Machine Lines. I am associated with a variety of blogs from comics to sitcoms to news to talent acquisitions.

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