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John Krasinski Dethrones Jensen Ackles, Replacing Ben Affleck as Batman in ‘The Brave and the Bold’? New Report Signals Major Change in James Gunn’s DCU

John Krasinski Dethrones Jensen Ackles, Replacing Ben Affleck as Batman in 'The Brave and the Bold'? New Report Signals Major Change in James Gunn's DCU

Recent rumors have been buzzing, hinting that John Krasinski could be the next to don the mantle of the Caped Crusader. However, those rumors have since been put to rest, making it highly unlikely that The Office star will be slipping into Batman’s suit anytime soon, especially with the looming presence of the Fantastic Four.

In the midst of these whispers, another name emerges as a potential candidate to take up the role of Batman within Gunn’s DC Universe. That name is Jensen Ackles. The actor has been dropping some intriguing hints for the creators ever since the announcement of The Brave and the Bold. Ackles’ enthusiasm for the role is palpable, making him a prime contender to step into the shoes that were once filled by Ben Affleck at the moment.

John Krasinski is rumored to be the next Batman
John Krasinski is rumored to be the next Batman

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Is John Krasinski the Next Batman?

Many outlets recently started publishing that John Krasinski is ready to suit up for the latest Batman movie, The Brave and the Bold. For those who might not be familiar with the situation, when Gunn unveiled Superman: Legacy as the inaugural film, it set a certain expectation among fans and viewers, of anticipating Batman’s appearance in the same lineup.

John Krasinski
Krasinski will not be the next Batman

And thus, the initial roster for Chapter One was shaped by a comic series prominently featuring Batman following the Superman movie.  However, as soon as the rumor regarding Krasinski surged through the online realm, it was swiftly dismissed, leaving the coveted position open for a deserving candidate to step into. And thus, the looming question of who will be the next Caped Crusader is still yet to be answered.

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Jensen Ackles Wants to Be the Next Batman!

Jensen Ackles on the other hand is a promising candidate not so patiently waiting for his turn to arrive. As per Deadline, the Jus In Bello Convention in Italy witnessed the actor’s eagerness to play the role. He said,

“I mean, could I do it? Sure. Would I want to do it? Yes”

Immediately after, his attempt to play it cool was short-lived, as he ultimately couldn’t contain his eagerness and openly declared just how strongly he yearned for the opportunity to portray the character. He said,

“Would I entertain the idea of playing my favorite superhero of all time? Nah, I’m good. It seems like a lot of work, you know. You gotta put in a bat suit and be a superhero,–I would love it. Sign me up.”

Jensen Ackles
Hollywood star Jensen Ackles

While fans remain in anticipation, the outcome of Ackles potentially embodying the character in live-action remains to be seen. However, it’s noteworthy that he currently holds a role as one of the actors who lend their voice to Batman in the realm of animation. Ackles has taken on the mantle of the Dark Knight’s voice in multiple animated films as part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line, solidifying his connection to the Caped Crusader’s legacy even more.

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