‘Sorry John Krasinski, this one’s all mine’: Deadpool 3 Director Shawn Levy Breaks Millions of Hearts, Seemingly Quashes John Krasinski Mister Fantastic Rumors

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When John Krasinski debuted in the MCU as an alternate version of Reed Richards in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, fans who had always hailed him as one of the superior casting choices for the aforementioned character were enormously elated. With a Fantastic Four movie currently in development that will kick off the franchise’s much-exciting Phase 6, fans have been wondering whether The Office actor would return as Mister Fantastic once again.

Shawn Levy may have destroyed the hopes of fans...
Shawn Levy may have destroyed the hopes of fans

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While it seemed like nothing was confirmed nor guaranteed, the recent bizarre, completely stupefying announcement, which came to the fans in the form of a Deadpool 3 update video by posted Ryan Reynolds, reaped an interesting reply from John Krasinski on Twitter. As fans were beginning to grow hopeful, the director of the endeavor — which is now set to star Hugh Jackman’s ever-so-iconic Wolverine — sent all speculations seemingly down the drain.


Shawn Levy Responds To John Krasinski’s Tweet

Shawn Levy John Krasinski
Did Levy confirm that Krasinski won’t make an appearance in Deadpool 3?

What happened is that after the update video was published by the Deadpool frontrunner, Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, John Krasinski quoted the original post and then added a vague, intriguing question that stated, “Wait… is this our movie?” 

One single tweet sent the fans, who were still recovering from the Wolverine announcement, into a frenzy. Many were quick to assume that the third installment would also feature Reed Richards and that Krasinski was confirmed as MCU’s definitive Mister Fantastic.

However, some replies under the actor’s tweet pointed out how the Jack Ryan alum is slated to work with Ryan Reynolds in an upcoming film titled If, which has been written, directed, and produced by Krasinski himself. Many believed that the mysterious response to the Deadpool 3 update had something to do with the mentioned project. In retrospect, the question seemed quite lighthearted.

John Krasinski FandomWire
John Krasinski as Reed Richards

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However, most fans were unwilling to let go of the possibility that Krasinski’s MCU character was potentially returning; clinging on to bare minimum hope. If the addition of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the MCU was possible, then anything supposedly is. Unfortunately, that may have not been the case.

Shawn Levy, most commonly known for his directional efforts in Stranger Things and Free Guy, is also set to spearhead the direction process in Deadpool 3. To answer Krasinski’s question, the director quote-replied, “Sorry JK, this one’s all mine.”

Shawn Levy's response to John Krasinski Reed Richards Mister Fantastic
Shawn Levy’s response

This reply seemed to have squashed certain possibilities of Reed Richards featuring in Deadpool 3 – if there was any, to begin with. As mentioned earlier, the tweet made by John Krasinski, simply put, appeared to be a reference to his film that will feature an ensemble cast, including Ryan Reynolds. However, it cannot be ascertained whether it was tinged with subtle hints or a double-meaning.

Fans Ask Shawn Levy To Bring Reed Richards Into Deadpool

John Krasinski as Reed Richards
John Krasinski as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

Fans believe that if Krasinski’s character isn’t already in the film, then he definitely should be. The more the merrier, after all. Under Levy’s tweet, people are advocating for Reed Richards’ return in multiple, humorous ways. Many are convinced that the director has the power and the influence to incorporate the actor’s superhero within the Deadpool 3 premise.

Take a look:



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When it comes to Krasinski’s opinion on the director’s tweet, the actor responded to Levy by affirming, “Copy that. Back to one.” While the statement seems to have lessened the excitement fans harbored over speculations of John Krasinski’s Mister Fantastic making his return through Deadpool 3, nothing is ever impossible within the realms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — as can be substantiated by the recent revelations made by Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool 3 will hit the theatres on September 6, 2024.


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