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John Walker Finally Goes Beserk In The Latest Episode

Spoiler warning for any of those who haven’t seen the episode yet. The following contains spoilers relating to the fourth episode of the mini-series: The Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

With the release of the new episode, we finally start to see the gears turning violently. The first three episodes of the series were just introducing us to the world, post-blip. For instance, the GRC, John Walker, the Flag-smashers, and more. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 4, “The Whole World is Watching,” isn’t about introducing new characters or concepts. It’s not about visiting new cities or countries that have specific ties to Marvel lore. However, it is packed with action, emotion, and an extremely furious John Walker.

The introduction and brilliant acting of Sebastion Stan

The episode starts off with Bucky recalling the help he received in Wakanda. The actor performed the scene stunningly, to the point where it was tear-jerking to see him have his mind returned to him. However, the touching reunion ends fast as Ayo gives him a deadline to hand over Baron Zemo. Three volatile parties: The evil mastermind strategist, Flag-smashers, Captain America(John Walker) that the show has gone to great lengths to portray as sympathetic and likable at times, only to remind us that they aren’t as pure as they’d like us to believe.

Sam Wilson aka The Falcon, has shown to be trying his best to reach each side of these parties in this episode and even in the previous ones. However, things don’t pan out the way Sam wants as John and Zemo don’t agree with his method of reaching out and reasoning with Karli. The episode starts to go off the rails when the super-soldier serum gets introduced. As the serum becomes the main interest of all the parties instantly.

How Wyatt Russell steals the show with his performance

Although this episode gets stolen by John Walker and his role in the story. He starts feeling the losses he takes one after another in this fight against super soldiers. As such, his attempt to catch Karli becomes a lot more drastic along with dramatic. Zemo’s story is simple in that he’s a manipulator who is able to take control of any situation. Karli is someone who feels she’s doing the right thing but keeps feeling that her back is to the wall.

With all the elements in play, a fight inevitably breaks out. In the chaos of the fight, Zemo manages to set a dent in Karli’s plans and destroys most of the serums. However, John still manages to get his hands on the last vial and keeps it to himself. After the fight, he tries to get some advice from his partner, Lemar Hoskins. He addresses that those medals of honor did not come out of just being a patriotic soldier and that his hands had to get dirty just to complete his missions.

The shield that loses all that it stood for

At the third and final act of the episode, we can see that John has taken the serum for himself. Believing that he is doing what is best for everyone in general. With another fight in the third act, Lemar jumps into the fight between Karli and Sam that gets him killed on the spot. After seeing his only partner die in battle, John goes berserk and chases down the henchmen of Karli with rage and manages to pin one on the floor as he then takes the opportunity to brutally kill him with the shield in front of the public.

All we are left with is John holding the shield which is now partially covered in blood:

The episode definitely stands out from the others as it keeps us on our toes throughout its runtime. Will we get to see John facing the consequences of showing his brutal side to the world? Or will he continue his mission to stop Karli? This episode has really left us with our jaw dropped on the floor as we wait for the next episode.

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Written by Neal Johnson